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My dream home would have a wrap-around porch with old fashion rocking chairs.

I don't ever want to be called Mom. THE HOTTEST FESTIVAL IN SWEDEN RIGHT NOW. Skirt: Chadwicks.

Blazer: Rampage.

Necklace: Macy’s. Tights: ?. Shoes: Jessica Simpson. I love pretty tights and color, so this look had to make me smile. I thought about running the picture then, but the giant is well anatomically accurate. Well, the redheaded cowboy of orthodox apologetics, Jim Akins did a little editing with Photoshop and presto its family friendly. The side walls are finished. Wow - it is starting to look like something!. Today is Tuesday – Auction Day Today is Tuesday which means it is auction day. It’s the day we can “ship” our lambs and turn them into cash. I know this will upset many of you out there and if you are a vegetarian, you may want to stop reading right here. There isn’t a day when we load the lambs onto the trailer that we don’t feel very sad. When I was in college I was a vegetarian for a couple years. I ate a lot of salads, eggs, rice and beans – tofu was barely available back then. I was asserting my independence. For further info, see our review of the event or visit the Cottages for Kids website. Andrea Plunk of Studio-A-Architecture designed Beyond the Wave along with Will Dunn and Whitney Davis of Davis Dunn Construction. The cottage draws inspiration from a little shack Andrea saw in the Bahamas that was once used as a pirate hangout.

All of the artwork is original and created by several family members including Andrea's parents and her children.

Andrea and her brother Sam Beaver covered the floors with paintings of sea life. Kiddos will love the beautiful mermaid, purple octopus and friendly shark beneath their feet. Andrea says the mermaid is based on the legend of Lauralei as she is beckoning the pirates to the underwater world. Her brother Sam is a long-time veteran of Seaside's Via Colori and a professional artist. This adorable cottage is sure to delight mermaids and pirates of all ages. Andrea wanted to recognize and thank her generous sponsors who donated materials: E. So I am back to work at "the day job" and actually was not dreading going back to work.

Since my return from Cincinnati Andy and I took off this last week to take small trips and excursions around S.

Cal and quite frankly had a wonderful time. Originally we had big plans to take an exotic trip somewhere but after sensible thinking we decided that after all the preparation and work for my photo shoot I may not want to travel so we opted for staying local and I am now quite glad that we did. Right now it seems that having a day job forces me to be structured with my art and my life and I am not so good at staying in vacation mode for very long, I need something to focus my energy on. So it is back to the grind for me but there will be lots to do- working on the writing for my book, planning workshops, preparing for students to return to USD and trying to just enjoy life and not worry so much about the future. I've started documenting my thrifty threads this week. let's just say I'm still working out the kinks. The only time I can snap some pics are in the morning, and the light is pretty crappy in our house + I air dry my naturally curly hair, so it's always wet in the am. This blog is a free to read and will remain a free, as it has for the past decade of the adventure. But if you are interested in contributing to the work you read here, you certainly can. Some of you have hired me to create illustrations or logos. Others who are more local, support this farm through shares of meat. If you don't feel it does, do not contribute. As the farm heads into Autumn, it can make a huge difference, which is why I am asking now as the days grow shorter. You can either make a one-time donation of a few dollars or sign up for small monthly contributions through the subscription option on the right side of the blog. I'd like you to see this website the same way you see your local NPR station or a long-time running novel series you pick up from time to time to check in with the cast of characters and hijinks. US Chamber President Tom Donohue Pushes Deceitful Dirty Energy Talking PointsThe U. S. Chamber is in the tank for the dirty energy industry, and Donohue’s insistence that the United States government is hindering our quest for unnecessary oil is clear proof of that. Bill McKibben says wind is cheap as coal. Jo Nova says “so who needs a carbon tax then?” « JoNovaTo which I say, fantastic. If wind power is as cheap as coal, we don’t need a carbon tax, emissions trading schemes, renewable targets, or other subsidies … people will use wind simply because it is cheaper. Alternatively, Bill is talking out of his hat. I thought it would be cute to use our new spiral flower die to make the bunny's tail. It turned out cute! and easy to make. To make the back ground I took our stampin write marker in so saffron, pear pizzazz, pink pirouette, soft sky and colored directly onto the chevron stamp, then stamped right onto the whisper white cardstock. One of my new favorite loves of the summertime season is zuchinni. I had never eaten it before in my life, but a couple of years ago I found a recipe for zuchinni bread and I thought I'd give it a try. SO GOOD!! Ever since then, I have to make bread and muffins during the summer. Our friend and artist Donatien Veismann, who has a beautiful and stunning show MISTER NUDE PUNK AMERICA at Envoy Gallery, recently came over to trade art and take some silly-homo-punk portraits of Slava and me. Donatien brought the gum, deer toys and rabbit ears and we added our own gear. Red mask courtesy of Slick It Up. - Retro Photo. Zaab Sethna is a partner at Northern Gulf Partners. Below is an interview with Sethna about the reasons why foreign investment is increasing in Iraq, what sectors are attracting attention, and the difficult process the country is going through to open itself up to private enterprise, trade, and diversification. Overall, he is quite optimistic about the future of the country. Recently there has been a huge jump in foreign investment in Iraq. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Antipasto platter. Bring a friendly, relaxed conversation to your party with this gourmet vegetarian antipasto platter. Cut portions in half diagonally to form triangles. Remove from oven. Lightly rub bread with garlic clove. Recently moved to Surry Hills this charming establishment has been pleasing patrons for over thirty years in Bondi.

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