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I recently received an email from a friend who lives part of the year in Mexico.

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These Silk Panels from Serena & Lily The gold silk panel fondly reminds me of the ones we had in our CA house.

I need to figure out how many instruments need to be ready, chairs set out, t-shirts, and such all around preparation. Also, feel free to bring your spinning wheels, yarn stashes, or any projects you are proud of. Hello Ai fans! Today I'm sharing an adorable baby girl card with you. The image is from Art Impressions and she's called InLinkz.

by Dan Phillips Here y'go.

Updates through noon, TX time.

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and own up to a couple of picks gone very bad, sorry about that.

Reader Jeff emailed to say that it seemed apparent that I was ready to get outta there at the end, and that was the truth. I was blogged and tracked out at that point. Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a great weekend! I have a pretty card for you today. I created my card using my Cricut French Manor and Elegant Edges cartridges along with the Echo Park - Be Mine Collection. I used this pink velvet ribbon and my sewing machine to create this pretty ribbon ruffle. Thanks so much for stopping by! Corri . We saw a wide variety of wonderful projects this time around. Many thanks to all who participated. Margie C. One of my all time favorites, Mike Matarazzo. I don't know when this picture was taken. I'm not sure who this is. He was posted in an ad for something and I could have sworn he was ID'd as Santana Anderson. Oh well, whoever he is he's striking. "DDC Creative Lab agency designed bottle shape and visual solution for a new product of BevMarketing Group Inc – the cold green tea containing pomegranate juice PomeGreen Tea. The task of the agency was to create a package design, emphasizing naturalness, authenticity and individuality of the product, with reference to the traditional Eastern style. The agency developed a low bottle, covered with shrink wrap and visual solution in fresh and emotional oriental style. Key design elements include painting, stylized traditional Chinese watercolor, juicy colors, folk motifs and Chinese calligraphy. " Agency: DDC Creative Lab Country: RussiaBevMarketing Group Inc, Los Angeles : Chief Executive Officer: Jenia Kokotuha. Empanadas is a well-knowing typical and popular food from Colombia, but never had a visual identity and a packaging system to be sell any place on the globe, they always be sold in craft bags. Then. The objective of the packaging was to be sold inside and outside Colombia. Designer: Nicolas OrtegaCountry: Colombia. .