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It's just the cutest scene. looks like something right out of a storybook! For my card today I used a very CAS design as the image is such a cute scene I really wanted you to be able to see all the elements and what was going on.

Don't laugh at my yellow tissue paper.

lol I added some highlights and then when I went back to photograph it, the tissue paper was glowing. I have chosen to keep the table setting very simple and inspired by the beautiful shades that we see a lot in the blogosphere I will just add some dark blue assessories to our greyish tableware. curious about our egg-decoration plans? We found a lovely and simple diy idea here. Randy Yeapaw was a Native American belonging to the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma. During his life, Randy had a fascination with bigfoot, and would travel all over the state looking for them. On this archived episode of Bigfoot Outlaw Radio, Randy joins them and talks about his different encounters over the years. on the wall Who's the fairest of them all? Beyonce of course She's on the cover She sings, she dances But above all. she's a MOTHER!!!!! Visit msnbc. This title is figurative and literal. Exhibit A:My husband took this picture. If you could only see the rest of the room.

It is not a pretty sight!I am a figurative mess because I can't seem to find a good way to manage my time between my new job and my crafting.

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This little blurb sits on the sidebar of my blog and yes, I did imagine myself living in a cottage by the sea, but our lives are so much more.

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The panicked prosecutor attempts to impeach the captain, only to be interrupted by the judge, who advises him that he might want to reconsider the wisdom of undermining the credibility of his own witness.

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Bollo Over at Dennis Cooper's exemplary blog DC's the annual Halloween party is in full swing.

My own costume is below, but you're best advised to take a wander round to see what everyone else wore. This being DC's, some outfits are decidedly NSFW. That's if your W isn't Halloween-friendly, anyway. Tuscan Style Kitchen Decor : Tuscan Style Kitchen IdeasKitchen Decorative Accessories : Natural Calmhuman Housewarminggif. It only took three days.

It looks pretty much like it has in years past, full of ornaments each with a story.

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Mason is always attending different M/C swaps and shows and knows his parts like no other so I'm sure this blog will be great.

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