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One of the best things about this whole weekend recap series is that I can post about my weekend on a Tuesday since I was not prepared for a Monday post. #bloggerfail It was my favorite type of weekend with a little bit of entertainment and a lot of nothing – the perfect mix! Something I look forward to each month is our neighborhood Supper Club. It’s a kid free night where one couple hosts dinner and we all meet up after work for drinks and food. After a draining workweek, I was ready to socialize with these lovely ladies. Ha! The hosts had a delicious feast for us – bruschetta dip, salad, and “mystery meatloaf” cupcakes. As sketchy as it sounds, they were extremely cute and tasty. Of Canada, in which Wilson will have the right to incorporate Raser’s Symetron™ technology into truck and automotive alternators. We are now accepting the second batch. FatBird Runners, i-Runners, friends and associates enjoy special pricing. if you normally wear S, you are advised to order an M or even an L for a loose-fit. Please refer to the sizing chart in the online order form as a guide.

I don't normally post these drawings to the Olympiansrule blog because they normally have nothing to do with Olympians, but today the topic was "Civilization" and I drew the famous Colosseum of Ancient Rome.

I admit it still doesn't have much to do with Olympians, but I thought you all might still like to see it. The National Weather Service in gray has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for light snow and freezing drizzle. Locations. southern Maine northward to the western Maine mountains excluding the immediate coast. New Hampshire is also included except for the seacoast. "I do not believe that we can make progress in European appeasement if we allow the impression to gain currency abroad that we yield to constant pressure. Both occasions coincided with massive assaults on human rights by the Castro regime, the first being in Cuba on international human rights day and the second in Panama when mobs of Castro agents rioted to prevent independent civil society activists from gathering together to address issues of democratic consolidation and human rights because they did not want Cuban dissidents participating. Despite ample evidence that the Castro regime continues to be a state sponsor of terrorism the Obama administration is speedily moving to remove Cuba from the list of terror sponsors in order to proceed to the normalization of diplomatic relations. The Cuban dictatorship has made removal from the list one of the key elements in formally opening embassies. The United States over the past six years has had a policy towards Cuba that yields to the constant pressures of the regime to a degree that it gives appeasement a bad name. Incubators train and support new lawyers to set up practices that charge affordable rates to otherwise underserved clients. This boot camp will benefit all lawyers that want to create sustainable practices serving clients of modest means. You will learn how to set up your firm, practice ethically, and handle firm finances. What You Will LearnForming the practice entity Designing a sustainable practice Basics of malpractice insurance Ethical considerations when starting a practice Mechanics of practice Finance issues Law students, new graduates and attorneys participating in incubator programs and all attorneys or students interested in developing a solo practice would greatly benefit from attending. Her idea of having students immediately use something from the examination they just did as a part of closing argument was inspired, and I’m going to have my Advance Trial Practice students do that this semester. I also realized that it was a logical extension of something I was already doing when teaching case analysis and storytelling to my Basic Trial Practice classes. We work on case analysis and storytelling before we do anything else. We discuss the case in a free- wheeling format, with students calling out individual facts. This helps them start to see how facts must be linked together to convince a fact-finder, folds storytelling into the process, and also makes them have to think on their feet. The program features nationally recognized death penalty experts. S. C. The session will be followed by presentation of the Norman Redlich Capital Defense Distinguished Service and Pro Bono Awards. The Distinguished Service Award will be presented to Eleanor Jackson Piel, a prolific civil rights and death penalty litigator who, as a solo practitioner in NYC, took on some of the most challenging cases throughout the country. The Pro Bono Award will be presented to James W. B. Join Bradley students and local attorneys for an interactive and analytical discussion of the ethical dilemmas presented in the film, “The Lincoln Lawyer. We anticipate a lively dialogue among Bradley’s students, attorneys, and OLLI members. Clifford will also discuss some of the differences between real practice and the movie. Cliff helps coordinate and speaks at Continuing Legal Education programs at John Marshall and in Florida and other venues throughout Illinois. Hi everyone. Hope your week is going well. Stephanie here for Stamp It Up Wednesday. It is so easy to create great projects when you get images from the store. I selected this cupcake image and colored it with my Copic Markers. Dão sempre outra cor a alegria a uma casa. Espero que gostem dos meus novos quadros. Conceived to fit exteriors and for relaxing down by the poolside, Blink is made of fibreglass, waterproof and longlasting, to assure toughness and strenght for a long time. Designers: Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidarovia. This chunky salsa-style dip is a perfect addition to your summer menu. It has been a favorite of my family ever since my cute sister-in-law introduced it to us a few years ago. I have a feeling you're going to love it too. We like to serve it as a dip with corn chips, but it is also FABULOUS served over green salad or with grilled chicken or fish. Bon Appetit!!Linking up to Rhoda's Summer Recipe party!. Nearly every book I read is nonfiction, and most of it trends towards being a book about history, or being a famous book in the past that is now considered a primary source of history. They strike such a discordant note that I often write them down to have them for reference. Other times, I will run across quotes do not necessarily jar with my mindset as much as they simply surprise me. Other than providing some background and context for the quotes, I will simply let them speak for themselves.

Once upon a time, when I was a "rich" single gal, I used to spend ridiculous sums of money buying every single one of my family members a Christmas present.

Then I got married and became far less rich, so I transitioned into buying for just my parents and the sibling whose name I drew, and then giving a little gift to my whole family. Last year, it was a very important year's supply of our favorite condiment. This year, I went along with my mom's idea of memories and gifted my family an Elf Day. We are mildly obsessed with the movie Elf this time of year, so Matt and I replaced my family's scratched version of the movie with a new DVD that had our Elf Day itinerary inside. The itinerary was, of course, taken from the day that Buddy outlined for his dad in the movie. We switched "Dad" out with "Family" and followed the list to a T! Elf Day became one of our new favorite Christmas traditions on the spot. we decided to keep the original banner and simply change the format of the blog and the background color.

I also removed the pattern paper background that she had throughout the blog/ website and replaced it with a fabulous green.

To celebrate their new makeover. romainveillon. Be kind out there today.

The event is following its traditional format of greensomes with the tombola stall and variety of sponsored holes.

I am busy helping with the renovations at the new house and in between doing a little shopping for my new space.

There's not a lot of time for much else.

We've got to get the new house finished or we'll be looking at renting the house we're in now for another month. I don't want to rent this house for another month the homeowners don't take the best care of it. There are lots of things here that need their attention and repair. Wishing you all a HAPPY SPRING! Audrey. They cannot defeat me. They will fail and be thoroughly humiliated. Observation: Jeremiah had been prophesying destruction of God's people for a long time and they were tired of hearing it. He was one man prophesying against a whole nation that had gone astray, yet he stood with boldness and declared the word of the Lord. He understood that the Lord was standing beside him like a great warrior. There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

The hostess seated us at a table in the middle of the restaurant famous for country cooking and rocking chair front porches.

While our four little girls colored their menus and played with each other, another party of four was seated at the table directly in front of where I was seated. At first glance, they looked much like my own family will look in a few years. I am so excited to announce that the coloring books I illustrated for Peter Pauper Press are here and I've got them for sale over in the shop HERE. fashion from Alisa Burke on Vimeo. seashells from Alisa Burke on Vimeo. woodland from Alisa Burke on Vimeo. Here's one to file under 'everything causes everything'. Considering the high prevalence of asthma, especially among young people, we suggest that this type of trigger be considered in the assessment of asthma exacerbations. No. Prof Jon Ayres, Professor of Environmental and Respiratory Medicine, at University of Birmingham, said: “The issue of psychological stress triggering asthma is as old as the hills. "In Victorian times asthma was regarded as a “neurotic disease”. photo credit: amysgsterThe LORD works righteousnessand justice for all the oppressed. "Anna May" always took a good picture. Eren Yeager is the main protagonist in the Attack on Titan anime/manga series, chibi-style papercraft created by Juke. Country Bear Jamboree Playhouse papercraft designed by Fred Folger. See them in action in their studios, read their 'quirky' bios written in their own words, see some of their art that led me to invite them to be a part of my book, and hear my story of what they each mean to me.

My work just is.

As I am. My work exists because I do.

I create very much for myself.

Think of a question. any question. as long as it is about Filofax, we are hear to try and answer it. I am a stationary geek. People are always shocked to hear that I love all things stationary and that a nice notebook or a new pen will make me squeal with delight. Despite it not being available to buy on line it is well worth a trip to your local store to pick one up.

Apricots are here, plums we still have to wait for.

I like recipes from this book, Amber Rose is using honey and maple syrup instead of sugar - the result is just enough sweetness. Honey instead of sugar, and ground almonds, so to be able to cut down on butter - lets see what happens. Result - what can I say? Success - just moist enough without being too wet. Pee Wee is shown here riding in style on modified Schwinn.

If you've delivered a baby in the past few years, you probably received a "breastfeeding kit" before leaving the hospital.

I think it is silly that they call it this because the main thing included in the kit is formula.


, M. S. My goal tonight was to get enough quilting done on Alice's quilt so that it was not resting on the floor anymore. Well, it is quite a ways off the floor and I just ran out of bobbin thread so I thought this would be a great place to stop for the night. On another note. so far, the big snowstorm we are supposed to be having has missed us, going more to the North. We did get some snow and it is blowing quite a bit, but nothing like they have in Washington DC. It's Karen here today to share a sweet Thank You card I created using LOTS of fabulous ribbons and trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon. I started this card with an ivory base, and attached some pretty patterned papers. I used a few embellishments to accent them all. Sodium and other alkali explosions finally explained more here and here. Got me thinking. No we do not. What's that? What the heck am I blabbering on about? My bad.

To the credit of this gentleman, I could see where he was headed.

Get the money out to the downtrodden. The serfs. Those poor minimum wage bastards.