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From cryptozoologynews. The woman said the bird was large enough to carry off a child. “I live in the back of a mobile home park,” she said. “I turned around and walked a few steps away from my husband and friend to light a cigarette. While pulling one out i looked up to see what looked to be a giant bird take off from behind my home… I think it was perched on a tree. “It only needed to flap its wings twice to raise itself up to above tree level, and the wings seemed to bend or fold like as if they were too long mimicking elbows. It seemed to glide downward before it attempted to go up,” she added. LINK Epic Fail Funny Videos and Funny Pictures. Victoria Brookland's work investigates how women writers have employed the Gothic genre to reveal hidden aspects of their own natures. Her exhibition Seeing in the night-time at the Mercer Gallery in Harrogate featured a series of works exploring the lives of the Brontes and Emily Dickinson. Exhibition free with admission to the Museum. Pictures courtesy of the artist.

All is beautiful and unceasing, all is music and reason, and all, like diamond, is carbon first, then light.

- Mohandas Gandhi On the same day that Los Van Van, a well known Cuban band inside the island and cultural ambassadors of the regime holds a concert in Miami, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on the blacklisted musicians that have suffered censorship and marginalization in Cuba. The following is the continuation of a modest attempt to identify some of the victims of this process that has damaged and continues to damage Cuban culture and Cubans. You can get here, but must find that date and sermon. It was a gem theologically, biblically, and exhortationally. Please listen.

You've gotta be proud to be a Malaysian because Malaysians have very high IQ.

or at least we perceive to be. Y? Malaysian's are practically always right. or so it seems. Let's hear it for unity. But with a full bank of cameras and reporters on hand Saturday, none of thedown-ticket candidates stood with the governor at Saturday's luncheon, andbanners promoting the other candidates had been removed from the vast convention room before the governor's speech. "Police announced Wednesday afternoon that Barry Lawrence Martin Jr. and Teshawn Obrien Anderson had been arrested. They are both charged with attempted robbery and attempted breaking and entering.

Both are being held in the Danville City Jail under no bond.

". Little by little i am getting my Christmas cards done. For the month of October I am using the Pear & Partridge Paper pack and it has so many great patterns to choose from. I really like the brown tones added in the pack. I used the Holiday chipboard stickers for this card, and it make it quick and simple. As expected, the Obama administration today released its draft policy touting the wonders of "catch shares. This is just a quick post because I am running out the doorto meet some friends for breakfast. But that didn't seem to help. Any advice would be appreciated. The good news is that my kitchen is almost done - just painting and crown molding to do. Notice I'm saying almost. there was no work to be done today because I hit the wall yesterday and needed a break! That must have been on my mind when I made this card because I used the new brick wall embossing folder - such a cool effect! A beautiful flower from Bountiful Blooms and words from Tin of Cards look terrific on my wall! If you're going to hit the wall it might as well be a pretty one! Oh that talented Jen Mitchell has a great sketch for us this week at Freshly Made Sketches! Hope you join us!. This one was called, "Are you a slacker mom?" This is what it told me:Your quiz results make you a Smarty Pants Mom. Smart parents like you have smart kids. They need plenty of intellectual stimulation and you provide them with all they need, plus lots of love. You know how to help them with algebra homework, and you are superior at kissing boo-boos. Hmmm. Smarty Pants Mom. I like the sound of that. Quote of the Day:"When Trevin plays house he always wants to be the cat. Delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial:If the arc of the moral universe bends towards justice, as Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us, it is because righteous souls in each generation pull that arc towards its hallowed end. America despoils the Earth by its heedless fracking and burning of fossil fuels. It's Monday and it's Kris here to share with you some KOTM inspiration. Here's a little card I did for you. Here's the full kit - Without Fear. I Hope I've inspired you to consider joining.

Have an awesome week.

Hello Ai Fans! Sherry here today with a card I created using the new Cupcake BFFs set. This card came together quickly once I picked which papers and layout to use.

This may seem out of place on my blog but I would like to help my sister, Tricia, sell her home.

That's it above and it's in the Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney. Tricia and her family have spent many good years there but with Tricia's husband dying a few years ago and her sons growing up and leaving home, this beautiful six bedroom home is too big for her needs. You can contact me if you need a little more info, but all genuine inquiries need to go through the real estate agent. Their web site, and Tricia's listing, with a lot more photos, is here:. To hell with it then when my farmer friends at Cockerham gave me a ring to say they had an interesting Oystercatcher nest so I called in and took a look, and there it was in the hollow top of a gate post. Such a nest is not without precedent of course but it is a clever strategy of the birds to nest off the ground and avoid land based predators at the egg stage. The birds, mainly the female in Oystercatchers, have been sitting for about two weeks now so I’ll give it about fourteen more days before looking to ring the young. I bumped into PW at Conder green but apart from a quick chat about spring being virtually over, I had time only to check out the receding water levels that now look so good for the returning waders of July. So for PW and because I know how much he likes them, I'm posting a photo of a Little Ringed Plover from last week at Tirant, Menorca. Lille Ringed PloverI usually like to have a look in Thurnham Hall in May, mainly in search of Garden Warbler, Spotted Flycatcher and Chiffchaff. It seems like Bob can't win! A cracked valve has him in tear down mode all over again. Rody over at Groovy Cycleworks, a custom frame fabricator and all-round cycle guy, has a few interesting videos on YouTube. In this video below, Rody adds a connector link to convert a Soma B-Side to accept a belt drive! I've been pondering how to do a conversion like this! Supposedly the frame/bike owner will right a review about the belt drive set up. Can't wait. saw one made by Glenda Travelstead on the Stampin' Up! cruise! then I stumbled on a video on Youtube on how to make it! I mostly followed the video. ” Loss hurts. Love endures.

Life remains.

” Popular music, at its best, is a sublime contradiction: personal and universal. Often it swoons over romance—the heart blossoming, the heart breaking, the heart mending. Yet it isn’t only those relationships that can make the heart weep and the soul sob, and it’s those pains—and joy regained—to which Olivia Newton-John now turns. as well as, the murders of the US Libyan Ambassador and three other diplomats. Take the time - it's worth it. Meantime, this is what our Secretary of State had to say: “Today many Americans are asking, indeed I asked myself, ‘How could this happen? How could this happen in a country we helped liberate? In a city we helped save from destruction?’” Hillary Clinton You're the Secretary of State. Aren't you supposed to know? Fool!. are now up and available in my Etsy Shop. among them is my first set of Foxes which I'm especially fond of. These pieces have been hanging out in my studio for almost a year. I'd been enjoying them so much I didn't see any reason to put them up- but I'm cleaning up and moving things out! Hope you like them as much as I do. M. Michael Knights and Aaron Zelin was posted on the Washington Institute for Near East Policy website. My piece on the presidency crisis in the KRG was reprinted in eKurd. A banner was seen entitled “Title Of The Play: Corrupt Government,” which said that Maliki’s reform plan was going to be a failure, and that Maliki was a liar. Another called for the end of arbitrary arrests by the security forces.

In chants and on banners Maliki is also increasingly being called “Haliki,” which means damnation or destruction.

In addition to the blocks, there will be Super Deals for Quilters from our favorite online retailers. Also, be sure to check each designer's post, as many will be offering give-aways on their own site that everyone can participate in.

Hope you'll join the fun! -dana.

I still need to tackle the sprawl that has claimed a few basement closets, but at least the main room is back in working order. And not a minute too soon, as I've been quite ill-tempered without my daily creative fix. And I do mean quite! :/First on my agenda was the much belated Sketch For You To Try sample. For those who get sketchy with us regularly, we'll call my project the SYAT this week, for Sketch You Already Tried. Or if you haven't tried it yet. Ever since I sourced Mango pulp for my E-shop I have not missed Mango through the year. It is available for me to use when I want and in whatever I want without much thought. That does not mean I do not enjoy the fresh fruit. The fruit will be enjoyed soon now is time it will start flooding the market.

Until then I have my mango pulp.

Today I am sharing this lovely cooler that I made. Did you note the pun in the name, its Mango with chilli and served chilled! A sip and you feel the sweet taste at the tip of your tongue, as the swig progresses on to the middle of your palate you taste the hints of salt and the lime. Then the chili hits the back of the throat and you hold the glass at eye level to say. Although this looks as if it could be in Berlin…we are back in London at Spitalfields Market. - I like Kip Deville in the Sir Beaufort at Santa Anita on Wednesday. I have four new digital stamp sets going in to the shop this month, two full sets that are perfect for the traveller in your life and two half sets featuring a couple of my favourite characters. Over the next few days I'll be sharing some of the wonderful cards created by my designers using these new sets. Cruisin' Set Road Trip Set Spunky with Flowers Stanley Clown. Happy Monday everyone! It's Emily here from Create Serendipity sharing a new little project with you today. Well, it's new for me! I usually do mini albums, but I have started to venture off into home decor projects. A few weeks ago my husband went down to the river and got a truck load full of driftwood. Now I usually look around the house to find things to alter but rarely go out into nature and find things. This wood is so cool! There are so many different shapes and sizes and textures! Of coarse I cleaned it up really nice before putting my pretty paper & ribbons on it, but I decided to make a little wall hanging out of this little one. Mike has always been one of my most favorites. He's paying quite a price now for the physique you see here. I hope all of my American followers had a good Fourth of July!. .