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ETA: More videos of Rob inside the theater and HD press conference at the bottom of the post.

Cindy has started on a bookmark she found on line. Her enthusiasm lagged when it didn't whip up as quickly as a crocheted doily. She likes having lots of projects on the go. Fox has tatted Martha Ess' heart using Jane's blip-less joins for a really pretty result. Then she did some modifications to another pattern, that didn't work the way she had anticipated. She did Mary Konior's Queen of Hearts and even got the direction changes right, but made a mistake elsewhere, so now she's started it over. courtesy of on. Kabby said that in reality she could not accept a third party. "Morally I can't accept that. In the film I didn't break up Chau Pak Ho and Lau Sum Yau. If in real life I run into a married man, I would quietly leave. I don't want to ruin other people's marriage. " Kabby revealed she ran into a third party in her first relationship. "At the time I instinctively exposed it, my boyfriend admitted it. The worst part was the third party was my friend, and I introduced her to my boyfriend. ". Belief: LINK. Chief Wegner reported to me that the anti-bullying program has been restarted at B-B-E. It's something we need to work on at home, too, right fellow parents?Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa school. I don't know about where you are, but the summer here this year seemed to go on and on. Most of the leaves on the trees have changed now, but it wasn't until last week that it was actually a bit chilly outside. It seemed a bit odd to me when I first noticed that Christmas trees and other decorations have been up in Sam's and Home Depot for weeks now. but I guess it is almost that time, isn't it? Time to start thinking about the family get-togethers, what I'm getting everyone, and how to decorate the house. I'm afraid that like a lot of people, I tend to be one of those last minute shoppers.

I remember last Christmas especially, I was shopping for gifts on Christmas Eve.

even though I always tell myself about this time of year that I won't be doing that. Time to start thinking. Now ladies, no fighting please!!!! Just kidding. This is all in good fun. The Happy Scrappers met Wednesday at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Cathy M. stopped by to drop off this pile of scraps. Naturally, we all started picking through it. are having a tug of war with a long, much desired piece. Cintia y miguel bring good news indeed. Yesterday, their dog was returned to them.

For those of who have been worried about Cynthia, Michael, and Sitka, there is joy in the house.

We will probably never know the full dog tale because dogs have their own secrets. But you can read about what Cynthia knows in The Sitka Post. Perhaps we will hear more in the future. But, for now, it is enough that Their Girl is home. And we can only hope that she is not tempted again to chase the wily el gato. I can never thank my friends enough for all their love and support and yesterday was one of those times that I said a quick prayer of gratitude for my gal pals who worked their butts off yesterday and all for me. In alpha order, because they are all equally tremendous. Heather, Pam, Paula, Sarah, and Sue. I also want to thank Suzi for driving all the way out to support us, even though she could only stay a wee bit. We had one small glitch with the huge advent. It wouldn't fit in the car we planned so it had to go in the open back truck, which entailed wrapping it in blankets and using loads of bungee cords so all the pieces wouldn't fly off the board. I followed the truck all the way out, and Pam did superb in keeping at just the right speed so it arrived safely. Within five minutes of entering the booth, I tripped over the canopy and did a full slam into the floor, first both knees and then both palms and wrists. Great Start! Adding to by embarrassment was the fact that it HURT. I very ungracefully picked myself up off the wood floor and hobbled toward the door to start to unload and as soon as I spied my friend Sarah I wanted to cry. You know that thing kids do, you see them fall and they seem fine, but as soon as they spy Mama they start to cry and wail "Mommy I fell down!"We all dove into the set up and this year I put up walls so no one could see in the booth until we were finished. Recently found in trash: four pink bridesmaids' dresses. Armando Loyal Troupe. Well. they are back. in school that is! Hooray!!! Don'tget me wrong. As part of our bug unit, we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, and worked on a collaborative class project. Working in pairs, students painted glue onto a pre-cut oval. They placed tissue paper squares onto the glue, overlapping the pieces as they went. These ovals made up the caterpillar's body. A red circle with red tissue paper was used for its head. Two longer strips & blue tissue paper were used as the antennae. Just as well I took a couple of pictures, the buntings I caught were definitely of a yellow cast rather than a rustic hue. Present for a few days now and likely present last year as in immature bird. I like doing crewel embroidery, I love working with wool. I keep promissing myself a large project one day.

If the problem is in your "Hard Zone" for now, you may choose to skip that problem.

SCIENCE: None. As they get older, STs will gradually molt into their distinct white and black plumage. hoo-ha! What a colossal cornucopia of colorful cardstock covers! Which are your favorites, Groove-ophiles?. Pattern. It's hot hot hot Blr. In many ways than one Blr is attracting more and more people like never before. I came here to escape the heat N dust of Mumbai but looks like the gypsy in me will soon look for cooler place now. It is high time. Well here is a salad I made to keep cool while my feathers are ruffled and was in no mood for spices. I want to run the water and have a liesurely bath. Chill the salad and serve it on Marie biscuits. Bred and owned by Albert Fried Jr. , who also bred and owned this colt's half-brother, the nice NY-bred Giant Moon, this son of Empire Maker just failed as the favorite at a mile in April, beaten by Bigger is Bettor, who won the Albany here last week. That's the second debut winner for Carlos Martin, a guy not known for winning first-time out. Winter racing at the Big A is certainly a mixed bag these days. Others, like today, not so - slim pickins here. I imagine I'll be peeking at Gulfstream and Fair Grounds today. That's one of the several odd aspects of the current business model in racing these days. Bizarro is brought to you today by Jobs That Require Orange Vests.

I never had a job where I had to wear an orange vest, but in high school I worked at a place called Dr.

Redlove's Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we had to dress in those goofy straw hats, bow ties, and vests, like singers in a barbershop quartet. At the time, I had long, bushy hair, so when I removed my hat at the end of my shift, the top was perfectly formed to the cylindrical shape of the hat. Very sexy. Speaking of sexy, cartoons about home wreckers and cheating spouses are always oriented the way this cartoon is: the husband cheats, a hussy helps. But in recent years, women have been catching up to men in the infidelity department. always great stuff. Well it looks like the digital dollar is the "secret sauce" needed for Iraq to push the button - pull the trigger - get the new valueout. .