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Adam Goodes is a footy player with serious talent and just as Lord McCaw attracts some who hate him with a feral intensity because he is so very good, Adam attracts similar negativity from opposing fans.

Things escalated a couple of years ago when the Sydney Swans star heard a fan call him "ape". We all know how sometimes in a barrage of noise things go quiet and a single voice fills the space, it happened for us at Lancaster Park when swmbo suggested to touch runner Andrei Watson "he might consider looking at the big screen replay" after a faux pa one night and Andrei waited a full second before turning as if to ask 'who said that'. In her world it was quite regular to suggest someone who she considered to be a retard to be labelled an Ape with no racial intent. An arrogant tennis player from Aus with some alternative foreign blood who made a total arse of himself at Wimbledon was universally condemned but I am unaware of any of those who took issue with that example of "an ugly Aussie" were racially motivated they were just appalled at his obnoxious behaviour.

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