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They're less graphic than the Young Bond books but you might like to check them first to be sure that you're happy with them. J. This week's Featured Stamper Challenge at SCS is all about the amazing Becca Feeken, aka Becca Stamps at SCS. You'll also find her work on her blog, Amazing Paper Grace! If you haven't seen her work, grab a bib and be prepared to stay a while! I chose to CASE Becca's card, To Find the Beautiful. I kept the layout, including the large ribbon and the tab-style accent, and changed papers, colors, and the image. I also left off the two buttons in the upper right and added some machine stitching. Have you seen all the stuff at Crafty Secrets, by the way? Oh. My. Gosh! I recently got a "few" things, including two of these vintage booklets, and I am seriously in love! They are like swatchbooks full of paper images. I just trimmed out the one I wanted, distressed the edges a bit, and adhered it to the card with foam squares. So unbelievably quick and easy! There is a tiny bit of stamping on this card.

At the top and bottom points of the brown square, I stamped a small corner image from Frame It, also available at Crafty Secrets.