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Best of the best.

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If they did, they wouldn't be handing their newly diagnosed diabetic patients ADA sanctioned brochures telling them to eat oatmeal, bananas, apples, potatoes and whole wheat toast.

A new mobile application for smartphones is now available on Google Play and the Apple Store. “We think it is important to let people know what we are doing, and this is just one more way for us to do that,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay.

“This app will give people immediate information about traffic accidents via our WebCAD feature as well as information about arrests and news and events from the Sheriff’s Office.

” The smartphone application brings the ever popular Arrests / Mug shots feature from the Sheriff’s Office website to people’s phones. WebCAD – the Sheriff’s Office live calls for service which people now access via the web – will bring traffic updates to people’s phones. No taxpayer money was used for the application. The project is located in the suburb of Hietzingof Vienna at the edge of the Vienna Forest. The southern side is defined by a small creek and three mature, protected oak trees located on the neighbouring plot, casting a very particular atmosphere onto the property. via. You are sick. You are hospitalized. You are older. You recover to a point where further hospitalization is not deemed necessary and like most rational people you would rather be at home in familiar surroundings with family than in the hospital. You go home. A few weeks later you have a recurrence or maybe another issue. You are readmitted. The other day, a very good friend of mine called me, distraught about her job. I am one of those people who empathize with anyone who is being treated unfairly. Hire an expat, fire an expat, hire someone else for WAY less money. It usually happens after the Western person has been in Kuwait for about a year. Could be less – depending. Of course, I am generalizing, but unfortunately, it happens a lot. It stores R. S. V. P's, photographs, information on all events leading up to the ceremony, detailed background on how you met and who is a part of your big day. This painting is a constant reminder of a loved one. God chose the Jewish people for a very special mission. They were to be a holy people, set apart, a sign to the world, a light to the nations. All the rituals and customs that were part of the old covenant – most of which are foreign to us – were all part of this vocation to be a living sign of holiness to the world. Again, I would bet that most of us are very unfamiliar with these various customs. This past January, I made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. designyoutrust. I love this time of the year, reading all the best-of lists that are published or listening to the best-of radio shows. It's really a strange dichotomy of recalling the past and anticipating the future all at the same time. Frankly it should make me a little schizoid, but instead it makes me smile. I wanted to start off with a mosaic of some of the projects from my book, Fresh Quilting: Fearless Color, Design, and Inspiration. If you've never been to Stitch Lab you are in for a real treat. The place defines the word eye candy. "Avatar":Saw a perfect review of it somewhere: "Dances with Smurfs". Pretty well sums it up. I had no preconceptions. They made me dizzy. Just focus on the Smurfs. Very heavy handed, but not that bad. "Young Victoria" As a costume drama whore, of course I had to see this. I can't help it. so I guess you can call me a horse then. LOL Its been a busy couple of days unpacking and exploring the house and re-arranging everything that DH has. Hello to you! I have a card to share today for RRR. I fell in love with the sweetheart blossoms and used them to create a fall wreath. I started with covering my cardstock with my pattern and embossed papers. From there I used a spellbinders circle as my template to lightly draw on to my diecut paper for the wreath. I added some stitching for a homespun look. I than added my denim blue ribbon around my card by cutting a slit in the side and tying my knot. Harvest Golem papercraft created by Ninjatoes, based on the World of Warcraft series. Mekaneck is a member of the Heroic Warriors group from the Masters of the Universe series, he has a telescoping neck that he uses for scouting and recon job. posted by Dan PhillipsI heard one say the other day that a certain preacher had no more gifts for the ministry than an oyster, and in my own judgment this was a slander on the oyster, for that worthy bivalve shows great discretion in his openings, and knows when to close. Some of you might remember that I did an interview with Radio National recently. The program is call Future Tense, here is their website, a description of the program is here. There will also be a transcript that will be available later in the day on Thursday.

This link might be of interest for some of your Australian readers.

It lists all the different radio frequencies for Radio National across the country. They also interview journalist Farhad Manjoo from slate. The family lived in East Port, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, then later moved to Edinburgh. The young Anderson was always keen on music, initially influenced by his father's record collection of big bands and jazz musicians, then later by rock n roll. The group decided to try their luck in the South and moved to Luton. As I am still trying to catch up, lets rewind to Saturday. There was a big family kitty cat incident that occured Friday night and Saturday afternoon. But, I am going to leave that part out, as it deserves a post of its own. Saturday morning, we took the three younger kids to the "Bites with the Bunny. They got to decorate a hard boiled egg, participate in a coloring contest, and nibble on some breakfast snacks. Everyone liked the bunny, but we didnt get any super-great pictures. He actually almost dropped Tyler. O. P. ’s de facto intellectual leader.

But you have to admit that he’s a very articulate guy, an expert at sounding as if he knows what he’s talking about.

Ryan trying to explain away some recent remarks in which he attributed persistent poverty to a “culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working.

” He was, he says, simply being “inarticulate.

Oh, wait. ” Sure, there were cameras in Lincoln’s day, but to posit an iPhone in “seed form” at that point is just ludicrous. “There are some anti-Constitutional forces in that White House,” the Morning Joe co-host continued. And now, the rest of the story. fake-loan-scam. tk WARNING! Be careful here. My name is Pastor Bryce Knorr. I am the general supervisor of the church of Christ Ministry Foundation. Godly my conscience does not allow me to keep quiet and watch people being ripped off. .