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This is why Jesus himself prayed at the hour of his Passion, and does not cease praying to his Father, for the unity of his disciples: "That they may all be one.

As you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be one in us,.

so that the world may know that you have sent me.

" The desire to recover the unity of all Christians is a gift of Christ and a call of the Holy Spirit. You observe a stranger, in public, in possession of what is obviously stolen property of significant value. You might ignore it, but you also might call the police. Unless it's a shopping cart. The value of a shopping cart is about a hundred dollars and any that you observe outside the grocery and associated parking lot are almost certainly stolen. Yet, in practice, you do not call the police.

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The weekends sure fly by.

I have a little fun for this week's CASE Study Challenge. I was inspired to create something I almost never do - a clean, one-layer card. I couldn't resist giving the new Watercolor Wonder set from PTI a go. I stamped the brush strokes in the different colors Teri used on her card. I spent a lot more time planning out where I wanted them to go than it might look. Good Morning Augusta Maine. This morning it is partly sunny. Tonight it will be mostly cloudy in the evening then clearing. Light and variable winds. Cuba's repressive machinery remains intact under Raul Castro. We believe there are many more. The report offers a breakdown of repression against dissidents, but also offers insights into the regime's totalitarian nature :The Raúl Castro government has applied the “dangerousness” law not only to dissenters and critics of the government, but to a broad range of people who choose not to cooperate with the state. Cool detail shots Found on Daikoube. Julie is a new tatter and shes has joined the challenge to keep her motivated.

She begins with Kersti's Stumpy bookmark.

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Copycat from 阿香 again, 顺便把他们拍进去 in some pictures.

Caroling Time!!! 人山人海的乌节路. SCA Secretary General Mostafa Amin appointed Adel Abdel Satar, Radwan's deputy, to replace Radwan. The museum is Egypt's first permanent antiquities exhibition abroad. The collection is exhibited thematically as "Life, Faith and Beyond. ". "This is my personal shelf, my wife has her own. The top row are all Icelandic books, with many of the sagas and all of the translated work of Halldór Laxness. This is an active reference for my Laxness in Translation site. Some of the more interesting titles: Songs of a Sourdough, by Robert W. " Readers who would like to submit material for this feature will find guidelines here. . “It could have been worse. Goldman says the European financial market is in “uncharted territory'. Is there an echo in here? Let Us Count The Ways: Libor is neither the beginning nor the end of criminal behavior by the big banks. There has been: Bid-rigging fraud against local governments. Laundering money for drug cartels. Manipulating markets. Hiding their losses. Stealing billions of dollars from pension funds. neogaf. When I say "travel", I don't mean it has to be some far away location. If you want to highlight a beautiful town or tell us about your weekend at the beach, go for it! This party is about places. We want to inspire others and get ideas for wonderful places to visit!So, start packing and link your travel posts below! If you don't have a blog but still want to share a vacation photo, please follow me on Instagram and tag your photo #calypsotakemeaway. Where have you been? An InLinkz Link-up. Check out what I just discovered. Remember back in Feb I blogged that Domino mag painted Ikea's yellow Hemnes bed white? And how much I was in love with it?Well I must have not been the only one! Ikea now offers this beauty. parking on the GA apron. parking on the GA apron. " Climate change: Denier article updated, still riddled with errors. "If they don't know how amazing this weather is, we make sure and tell them," said Wings' Dorn. "Those of us who live here and deal with the usual weather know this is a pretty awesome summer," she said. Anybody in the mood for some Chilled Strawberry Soup?? hmmm, that sounds yummy, and it makes a darn cute stamp kit too. copied from the Taste of Home website. Pour into a large bowl. Add apple juice mixture, yogurt and food coloring if desired. Chill. Garnish with additional strawberries if desired. The Septim is the main currency used within The Elder Scrolls rpg series, it's often referred to as 'Gold' in game. I went to my second weight loss class at the gym today. I love being back in the gym working out. The focus of this plan is fat loss, not so much weight loss. I feel like I'm building muscle already. I'm busy today getting ready for a Girl Scout Leader meeting. It's a lot of work being a GS volunteer. We all use different clocks. Ours at home is more a seasonal time-frame, or one that revolves around meals and sleep patterns, whereas the business clock is run to the financial year and revolves around nine-to-five and the weekend - that great payoff for putting in time during the week. We have different holidays too. In the business world, time is set aside for employees to have annual leave/vacation. Time is spent recovering from the past year and getting ready for the year ahead. At home, it's a different story. all soup served with:Baked-off In-House French Bread Get out there and enjoy this last great day before forecast changes! Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette. Or, as Conservatives quickly came to think of it, the Beginning Of All Recorded History. You Shall Not Crucify Mankind For the sake of Blue Cross' gold. Pattern. Hello everyone! It's Emily here from Create Serendipity. Today I wanted to share a mini album that was inspired by a few different pins on Pinterest. I'm sure you all have seen the melted crayon art, right? I've been eyeing it for a while and finally I decided to give it a try. I didn't have a stretched canvas laying around, so I thought I'd try something different. a mini album. Pence will not be the only big name to attend the matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots at NRG Stadium. .