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Consider two firms, otherwise identical, with different default rules. I have not looked into the literature on the subject myself, but for the moment will assume it is true. If so, that suggests the possibility of "soft paternalism. Carnegie's Bar: It just fits!! Got out and rode the North Side of The Camp yesterday on my Big Mama fitted with the new Carnegie's Bar. I really try not to get too emotional, or wrapped up in the "new bike part" psychology, but I can't help but admit that my Big Mama is much better now with this bar. It just flat out rocked in that I had more control, even when I got loose, than I had with the standard riser that was on it before.

Okay, I admit it.

I am an "alt bar" freakazoid. Okay. I said it. I really like odd ball bars. Sometimes they are just okay, and I put up with that because, well, I am like that sometimes.

That thought kind of stuck with me! After learning that I then wanted to say things that brought a good vibration.

As a freelance entertainment journalist/writer/hack you can tell how valuable an actor’s time is – at least to the studio offering him up for interview – by the amount of time you are given with him. Other factors include how many people he has around him and whether or not you are asked not to ask any personal questions. In the case of Robert Pattinson, he is pretty valuable. The movie Pattinson is here to promote is Maps to the Stars. He was the lead in that film but has a secondary role in Maps, playing Jerome, a Hollywood limo driver with screenwriting ambitions. Maps to the Stars is written by Bruce Wagner. m. m. S. One. Cars will be periodically pulled over and driver’s will be checked to make sure they are not impaired by alcohol or drugs. Random. Aaron, loved your video and your card. I haven't gotten up the nerve to do a clear card yet. Maybe seeing yours will give me the courage I need. Thanks for taking the time to show us how it is done. Let us know your opinion on which type of models is your favorite. With this new arrival, Ertl was right with their slogan "Just like the real thing only smaller". I hope you enjoy this video! . Jack-o'-lantern pincushion of felt. The pattern is slimmer than snowman. Patch a small piece at every hole of eyes and mouth and stitch around. Inside. Turn inside out and stuff polyester fiberfill in it. Close the opening. Discovery News asked one of the top scholars of the Pyramid Texts, James P. Allen, a Wilbour Professor of Egyptology and Chair of Egyptology and Ancient Western Asian Studies at Brown University, to translate part of the newly discovered hieroglyphs.

A blog post today, titled, How Race Discrimination in Law Enforcement Actually Works", caught my eye.

Seemed like an important topic. The post, by Ezra Klein, appeared on Vox.

I'm not going to discuss it in any detail, but I think that some readers of this blog will enjoy reading it.

Here are a few selected passages, to whet your collective appetite: "You see it all the time in studies. "We controlled for. " And then the list starts. Dress: Forever XXI. Beaded sandals: Steve Madden. Print Top: Michael Kors. Jeans: NY & Co. Navy criss-cross wedges: Nicole Miller. Bracelet: Forever XXI. Rose hairclip: ? It was my boyfriend’s birthday last Friday and although we unfortunately had to drag our butts to work during the day, we had a lovely Friday evening out and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, spending time outdoors, and visiting family. Typically, when I go out in the evening - I reinvent what I wore during the day to make it evening appropriate. The truth about history is that there's little truth to most of it. Quoted: “Senators say they fear the NRA and the gun lobby. The fear that those children who survived the massacre must feel every time they remember their teachers stacking them into closets and bathrooms, whispering that they loved them, so that love would be the last thing the students heard if the gunman found them. ” Gabrielle Giffords. Definitions: The troops being dispatched to Syria Jordan will be involved in “stability operations”. Y'know, like the 'stability operations' in Iraq and Afghanistan. He's Heavy & He Ain't My Brother: The IMF, having forced more debt on Spain as part of the bailout it needed because it had too much debt, now warns that Spain's debt is “unsustainable. It was another day of nightmare scoring. Even the winner found the going tough. He basically tells them that they have to do it because they are defenseless against Assyria. They are informed that Assyria has overtaken many of other nations and that they don't stand a chance against them. In attempting to use fear tactics, they tell the people of Israel not to listen to Hezekiah who would tell them that God would rescue them from the hand of the Assyrians. He tries to weaken their faith in the Lord by showing how others prayers were not answered. Application:We cannot listen to the voice of the enemy. He is filled with propaganda and lies about our God.

He will tell you, "you have prayed for years about this, God hasn't answered you prayers.

He doesn't love you". Satan is a master as getting people to stop walking in faith and believing God for miracles. I am your share and allotment". Observation: All of the people of Israel were to receive an allotment of land when they got to the promised land. Each tribe would have a particular area. It wasn't so with the priests. They didn't get any allotment of land because God said He was their share and allotment. They were very blessed, but were not allowed to buy land for themselves. They ate incredibly well and received the tithes of the people to live off of, but God wanted to be their share and allotment. pink cake + strawberry ice cream makes for One Sweet Summer Bake My ice cream roll-up cake made it big time all the way into Mollie Makes Sweet magazine strawberry days are here so take full advantage of them while you can soooooo if you are looking for a sign to get your buckets and find a berry patch. Stay safe. Cornertime is additional punishment. If we do not talk about erotic spankings a spanking means punishment and humiliation. Beeing told to stand in the corner before or after a spanking is extra. There maybe a lot of reason for such extra. Personally cornertime gives me time to reflect on what is happening, ehy it happened. Gives me more time to get in the right mood. Average cornertime would mean: you have to stand there, staring at the wall, with your panties on display or with your bottom bare. but I really like how this card turned out. The sentiment just cracks me up! I love when the inside of the card coordinates with the front and I wanted to use up the scraps so. I went to a friends house and stamped up a bunch of images for the punch pals set. Here are a few of them. Most of the items are random papers and matching card stock I had in my non-Stampin Up stash! This pink and green is very non-traditional Christmas. I really like the more traditional colors- But the shimmery pink snowflake designer paper and the textured bling green cardstock was too much fun not to use. I'm not really a fan of oriental fabrics, but I like it. I just now remembered that I wanted to make a black and white one. maybe next time. Hello, my friends, long time, no post. I've been super busy in my off-line life along with chasing away some pesky fall germs, so not much time left for crafting. Hoping to get inky this weekend, though. I'll definitely have some new Verve to share next week. I am super excited to show off these awesome new sets! In other news, the end of October is rapidly approaching, and thus so is the October SFYTT deadline. It feels like I blinked and Valentine's Day had passed right on by! For that matter, all of January and the better part of February. Is it just me, or is the year flying by? I thought I'd whip up a little something for St. Patrick's Day before that, too, passes by. I've used Verve's new Lucky You stamp set and coordinating Shamrock Die Set. Love this sketch! Check out all the fantastic samples from the Deconstructed Sketch Girls: Amber Hight Amy Sheffer, Guest Designer Arielle Gordon Donna Wardle Jen Shults Jessica Diedrich Kadie Ensley Lori Boyd Pam Varnell Sheri Gilson And when you're ready to play, just link up your creation HERE.

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After the earthquake, our life has a bit changed. First of all we see lots of scenes of the disaster in TV every day. And they tell about the accident of the nuclear power plant. I don't afraid of it too much but I'm worrying about the people who works in it now. We have less electric power because the nuclear power plant and also we lost some thermal power plants. So we have less trains and shops has less lights and close earlier than before. Babies, young children, pregnant women and the elderly are advised to avoid eating or drinking unpasteurized milk products. Find out more from The Dairy Council.

Choose the best Whole Milk Fresh milk from the cow, with nothing added or taken away and generally unpasteurized.

Whole milk is naturally rich in a range of nutrients needed for growth, development and maintenance of the human body and has no artificial preservatives or colourings. Semi-skimmed and Skimmed Milk Milk from which part or all of the fat has been removed. I've known about it for years, but heard it was kind of drab, so had never made a point to visit the London Motorcycle Museum. While being tourguided by Dai Gibbison through the environs of the capital, he snuck in a stop at the LMM, housed in an old stable and farm buildings in Greenford, just past Heathrow airport. I tend to view small museums as depressing, as they invariably have poor lighting and horrid sightlines to the machines which need a closer look, and feel to me like underfunded zoos, with beautiful creatures locked behind bars. I would have felt the same about the LMM, housing some interesting bikes but nothing amazing, had they not recently opened a new exhibit in a barn out back, which contains a collection entirely of Triumphs. The och Triumph prototype in Egli frameCrosby seems especially fond of Triumph one-offs and prototypes, as several ultra-rare bikes grace the barn, which are worth a look. We had the first meeting of our knitting club on Thursday evening. It went really well with the youngies and the oldies all mixing in well and helping each other out. These are a couple of our very enthusiastic younger members. We don't want to call it a stitch 'n bitch or a knit and natter but a name would be good. It can't be TLC, as, unfortunately we're not all teens, and also the TLC group will carry on seperately at home. Would love to hear if anyone has any good ideas.

We were all useless and came up with absolutely nothing.

Please help. My back is still driving me insane but I've decided not to say anymore about it as I'm bored of hearing myself moaning. .