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One thing I haven't told you yet about John Piper's When I Don't Desire God is that it's the best book on the "spiritual disciplines" I've ever read - and I read a number earlier this year for a seminar I was preparing! Today I talk about that and about the month ahead on EQUIP book club. Today I want to give you a bird's eye view of John Piper's When I Don't Desire God. This isn't a book you want to just launch yourself into! It helps - it would have helped me, anyway! - to have a feel for what lies ahead. The first third of the book tells us why we need to fight for joy. It talks about how joy glorifies God, how devastating it is to know that God should be our highest joy when he's not, what the difference is between desire and delight, and how joy is both a gift and a fight. The rest of the book tells us how to fight for joy. Here's the plan:. Sailing. Oxford Shirt.

Rolled Up Sleeves.

Shorts. Beautiful Bride. Perfect Style. bron- daikoube. great husky caferacer project. From the blog of Dr. Sanjay Gupta at CNN health:Electronic health records no cure-all Electronic medical records, also known as EHRs, often touted as a powerful antidote for uncoordinated and ineffective medical care, do little to help patients outside the hospital, according to a new study. The one exception was dietary advice: Patients at high-risk for illness were slightly more likely to receive counseling on a proper diet. The U. S. The following post was written by L. This has been said for decades. It remains true. Lawyers and many non-lawyers know that the constitutional right to legal counsel for the accused was established decades ago by the precedent of the Supreme Court of the United States. See Gideon v. While it is great if you are able to continue to apply concepts from the first half of class in the second paper, I will only count the topics from the chapters that are assigned for that paper. BREAKING. From my friend, Don Barrett of LARadio. "The suspicious package is in the mailroom, which is in the core of the building, right near the central elevator shafts. They will have to go inside the building to get a look at what is causing the problem. OK, how cute are these felt hearts?When I first saw this heart pattern paper in the CTMH Animal Cookie paper pack I immediately thought Valentine's!I just love the felt hearts with the tiny blush buttons on the little tags. Supplies from Close to My Heart-White Daisy CardstockTulip CardstockBlush Cardstockpattern paper from Animal Cookie collectionFelt heartsblush buttonstulip inkFeb. Word Puzzle stamp setfancy cut tagsliquid glass. Seoul Korea is like a subtropical climate in August.

The sound of the cicadas rule the ears during the dog days of summer.

Taking a walk in a park sounds like you are strolling through the amazon. I on the other hand dig the sound, especially in a city setting. Nature is brought so sharply into focus. When I first saw this pattern I thought it was all applique. If you read my earlier post, you know that it is all piecing. Yikes! As I got into making this it occurred to me. Well. I had such a surprise in the mail yesterday and had to show it to you. Em from Em Celebrates sent me this beautiful wall hanging/table topper.

I love it.

The colors are perfect, just to my liking, and the quilting is exquisite! Why did she send it? I'm not sure. Her enclosed card said that she was sharing some "pointy" love with me. But I suspect it is because Em is a very special woman. I can tell from her blog that she has a lot of love in her heart. Maybe she sensed my sadness when I lost my Sassy cat. Maybe it’s just her nature to give. Coleman “The Obelisks of Augustus: The Significance of a Symbolic Element of the Architectural Landscape in the Transmission of Ideology from Egypt to Rome” By Steven R. W. Gregory “Egyptian Ideas, Minoan Rituals: Evidence of the Interconnections between Crete and Egypt in the Bronze Age on the Hagia Triada Sarcophagus” By Paula L. al. Exerpt:As I’ve worked on other archaeological projects in the near east I have encountered buildings constructed in mud brick before.

Many archaeological principles remain the same and now that the excavation is nearing a close I’m very familiar with the process of revealing buried architecture among collapsed buildings, and clay floor surfaces and recovering a variety of domestic objects such as large grinding stones, ovens and masses and masses of pottery.

And in Spanish here.

The unassuming building in Gower Street has one of the greatest collections of Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology in the world. It illustrates life in the Nile Valley from prehistory through the time of the pharaohs, the Ptolemaic, Roman and Coptic periods to the Islamic period. Wish it couldstay like this at least until December. To see more, visit Sally's meme. Tomorrow, a man is going to be murdered by the state of Texas, his name is Michael Sigala. On an occasion such as this it would seem that the atmosphere here would be a somber one, but that is not the case. These men are laughing and remembering the good times they have shared. We make bonds here that are able to transcend racial and class lines. Well. not really fishing, but you get the idea. We're off on our rejiggered, reconfigured, less-risky-but-still-fun trip! Fingers crossed that Mo is still pregnant by the time we get back! Two weeks of no ultrasounds, no beta levels, and no hospital visits for work or patienthood!!! What could be better, really?Will and Mo. "I don't know. I just don't know about him, you know.

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or wax it. As Emily says, "Toodles. "I hope to see some of you gentle readers in Indiana. We are leaving the children at home, by themselves. I did not put food in the freezer for them.

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At first, Bill explained to Ms.

Returning to greet you is this adorable lil' chick in blue. Hello Ai Fans! Today I'm sharing a birthday card with you. My image is called Little Whoot. The verse on the front of my card is from Birthday Whoot Set. Inside, the verse is from the Chatting Whoots Set. InLinkz. Join me every Sunday when I share some of my favorite links I discovered in the previous week. Earlier posts in the series can be found here. Shared this one before but it is worth a second take: Where They Create shares images of the studio spaces of creatives along with short interviews. I can't get enough of these. so as you know I call myself a writer, hence, it's probably no surprise to you that I am very happy if I get the chance to write in peace. It's not that nothing happens at all other times, it's just that I can't get my behind up to stay up late in order to capture my adventures for the rest of the world to enjoy. And I'm not only talking diaries, I'm talking poetry, lyrics, columns. I don't know if it was her attitude or her personality, but even though you wouldn't think she was sexy when you first looked at her, once you got to know her she certainly had a strong appeal. So far the main talk about the vote is to change the election law to favor the large parties to ensure their domination of the local governments. There are two efforts underway to change the voting process to favor the big lists. One is to reduce the number of seats on each provincial council. Parties want to recalculate how many seats would be up for election based upon the population. The second project is to change how votes are counted. In the previous two elections Iraq used the Sainte-Lague system that helped small parties gain office. Politicians are now calling for a new process to be used. In both cases, the large lists are trying to make it more difficult for the small ones to gain council seats. Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Did'ja know that Ralph Reese, artist par excellence, also wrote many a tale for mentor Wally Wood's T. H. U.


D. E. R. Agents and Dynamo mags? S'truth! Here's a cool one from T. H. U. N. The theme at CCT this week is Stripes. I have made my card with Tilda papers and die cuts. The only other things I added are lace, ribbon, pearls and flowers. The leaf die cut is Tonic and I have edged the papers with Distress Inks. We had a great time in Riga, its a lovely place with lots of interesting museums to visit and fabulous food. Paper Paintings SkirtThanks to some tips from the folks at FlashBags, I have created my own paper skirt that I will be wearing to the opening of my long awaited solo exhibition at the Katherine Butler Gallery in Sarasota, FL this evening. After showing much of the work in progress on the blog, I thought you might like a look into the opening night. I hope to post a few photos from the opening over the weekend. Ali talked me through making my own wearable paper art, since FlashBags did some dresses for a fund raiser fashion show that really inspired me!. I think it gives a kind of painted look that reminds me a lot of decorative art. In the examples I saw, the artists all stamped their images with a very light coloured ink. I figured we could all do the same thing by printing our digital images in a very light grey tone. I found that it's important to have a lot of contrast between the different layers of the picture so that each individual element stands out, particularly if they are the same colour group, such as the petals of the poinsettia. Give it a go. If you just happened onto the RRR blog, you will want to head back to True's blog where it all starts. There will be a prize package donated by Inky Antics that includes True's entire, newly released, Swirly Spring stamp line!! I had the pleasure of creating some cards for you using the stamps from my favorite set 'Swirly Butterflies'. I L. O. V. E. "DDC Creative Lab agency designed bottle shape and visual solution for a new product of BevMarketing Group Inc – the cold green tea containing pomegranate juice PomeGreen Tea. The task of the agency was to create a package design, emphasizing naturalness, authenticity and individuality of the product, with reference to the traditional Eastern style. The agency developed a low bottle, covered with shrink wrap and visual solution in fresh and emotional oriental style. Key design elements include painting, stylized traditional Chinese watercolor, juicy colors, folk motifs and Chinese calligraphy. " Agency: DDC Creative Lab Country: RussiaBevMarketing Group Inc, Los Angeles : Chief Executive Officer: Jenia Kokotuha. .