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More is more in my quilt world! So, I enlisted the help of my nephew, an industrial designer by day and very cool guy.

On Thursday night, I texted Eric for design ideas. Later that night, he sent me nine designs! A few looked too much like quilts that are already out there. This was my favorite of the bunch. Thank you all for the good wishes and prayers sent yesterday. My high temperature didn't rise or turn into anything worse. I started feeling better and things only improved after that. It's lovely to have friends who drop by and share their concerns. Strawberries picked in the backyard two days ago. I have no idea what I'm going to write about today. Generally, I have a vague notion because I've taken some photos, but today, nothing. I do hope all my American friends are enjoying Thanksgiving. Whatever you're doing, whom ever you are with, I hope you have a lovely day. It's been a very quiet week here. and maybe aTurkey Sandwich Menu attached below to see your many choices. Yours Truly, Miss Blaoggette . I was inspired to find more ways to use the pumpkin patch set besides jack-o-lanterns. be sure to stop by tomorrow and Saturday to see them! and if you have not ordered this set- you might want to! Can you believe that this is the Pumpkin Patch set?I hand drew the string but the curly at the base of each balloon is from the set. So cute. The opening line of this blog was due to say something along the lines of “So, we failed again. ” Except we didn’t. But what rankles is that they only went and got our name wrong. Who the hell is 'Gary' ? Idiots. Sheep grazing in the range study area, Tenderfoot sheep allotment, Wallowa National Forest. U. S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. W. Denzel retired from Dinner Bell Foods in Troy, Ohio as a butcher. Kirchoff officiating. Burial will follow in the St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery, Greenville, Ohio. Why do I love them?Hard to say for sure. I just do. They are peaceful. Beautiful. Reminiscent of a time gone by. The red in contrast to the green surroundings. Or, even the gray surroundings of winter. They usually stand alone. Apart from other structures. I love everything about them.

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