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Ingredients: Stamp - Tee-riffic from SugarPea Designs InLinkz. Pin It.

I've dived straight into the heatwave, good things filling the days.

Mumford & Sons last weekend - despite the gigantic arena, the ambience was intimate & spirited at the same time. They gave their all, me & the throngs around joining in, body and soul.

We walked back home under the velvety sky of what felt like the perfect summer's night, only in May.

A sense of wild running through the veins in that moment. Freedom. Ever-present in the mind even for someone with a family, mortgage, deadlines, a certain stability that lacked at a younger age. The skies are leaden, yet again. Our new student neighbours downstairs kept us awake with their noise, yet again. And this could be the day when we see the beginnings of a run on the Bank of Scotland – an unimaginable thing, once. We have savings there. Funny thing, isn’t it: last week we were all enjoying an imaginary frisson at the idea of being sucked into a man-made Black Hole in Geneva. Make no mistake: the crisis isn’t just for America. Rost came up with apparently genuine emails from Pfizer Inc. If they would be embarassed to do so, then maybe they should be embarassed to give such talks. His funeral was at Beth Emet Synagogue in Evanston, IL. Sidney was a pillar of Beth Emet. His love and laughter helped make it a very special place. These are a few words I spoke at his funeral. Black Standing on this pulpit and looking at all of you – many who have been a part of my life and that of my family for so many decades, I’m thinking about the word Yerusha – which means, legacy or inheritance. In many ways, this week’s parasha, Vayera, which contains the powerful text of the Akedah – the binding of Isaac, is all about Yerusha.


". I received this information about a potential scam from the National Marine Sanctuary. They say that the “fee” for this service covers their salary and that any remaining funds go directly to the Sanctuary. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen looked laid-back cool at the Elizabeth and James store opening with wavy hair and jeans.

Ashley dressed up her denim with a satin blazer, white button-down shirt, and slip-on flats, while Mary-Kate kept it more casual with a black tee and unexpected flip flops.

rewardstyle. Last night it got cold enough to snow. This morning the ground is white. barely. This is our second snow. The third snow is the one that usually stays for the winter at least that is the old wives tale I go by. See hardly enough to even consider a decent snow. I hear that people south of us got a foot of the glorious white stuff. Core from the Copper King gold-copper mine, Wyoming.

So be sure you dig through all of these if you want information on how to find gold and how to identify gold and much more.

After all, I have a little experience looking for gold. Right Now, justice is being perverted in a court of law. Right Now, the truth is being obscured. Right Now, a mad man is wandering the streets of the town you live in.

For a taste of the concerns, here's a packet of letters the council received ahead of the meeting.

In the words of one fisherman, "Adak got whacked. shoes: baby phat. purse: vintage. And folks. I'm telling you, maybe, just maybe, everything will be ok. They couldn't locate any source of bleeding, and they could locate the heartbeat. They couldn't figure out how to do the counting of it, so we have no idea how fast it is beating, but it was visible, even to Will and me. That was a huge phew! moment. And now for the spandex lovers in the house. And the "P" in VPL does not stand for panty. That's it kids. Enjoy!. Today I am reviewing a product that I cannot wait to take on vacation with me!Am I going on a vacation?.

And they will fill it with your favorite perfume when you buy it.

Remove the metal casing. finding myself putting on long layers and craving a little baking. Have an oh so adorable little project made for RRR.

I love the little black detail on it.

I used it as a border along the bottom for a pop of color and also to hang the bingo card from. I have been making these bingo cards for years now. Bloggers like Shelley the niece and Emily the daughter sometimes post fashion posts where they model a creative and coordinated outfit and explain where everything came from. I think we would all agree that I am not the fashion-post type. Let's see. In winter it's: long-sleeved T-shirt from Lands' End.

Big corduroy shirt from Goodwill.

Long denim skirt from Goodwill. Advertisements always feature bare feet in anything remotely non-running-shoe. This bothers me. She has been sick with an odd virus for a week, so it was a happy occasion when she came downstairs all dressed for school and looking bouncy instead of the draggy miserable half-closed-eyes look that lasted so long. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, who was confirmed to replace Lisa Jackson last week, said the agency has reached a “defining time” in its history as it prepares to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. The odd thing about Science Media Centre's warming pause paper is the anonymity of the scientists who advised. Eccolo! oggi vi mostro per intero 'FRIENDS', uno schema dedicato all'amicizia e alla spensieratezza. Nel prossimo post vi mostrerò la mia interpretazione del finishing. Luigi wearing the Penguin Suit item from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, it allows Luigi to shoot ice balls, slide on ice, and improve his swimming. Today has been a bit of a mad day, I was not at work, nor was Rob due to this weekends events but also over the weekend Molly has not been well. She is a funny little dog who has a grass and pollen allergy, when a dog has an allergy it shows in their feet and Molly being a terrier just chews and chews at them!!It had gotten so bad over the weekend that she was limping and i had to put what we calle her lampshade on her collar to stop her chewing but that makes her very unhappy!! So she now has some strong tables that i hope will do the trick!Yesterday i did some sorting out and wrote some ebay listings, i ran out of time to get them uploaded so have just done it now! If you are after a camera, wii, wii fit or something a little crafty you can see what i have listed hereHave a good eveningLisa xXx. When I was making my book in Judy's workshop, I spent a good deal of time thinking about how I wanted to fill the pages. As my hands were cutting book board, sewing signatures, aging paper, wrapping velvet, and being coated with layers of glue, I was once again amazed by the tools that I was using to create my book. And by tools. I mean hands! And with that thought, in that moment. Handbook was born. One thing I really love about the simple life is that it encourages me to slow down and be mindful. I've stopped working on automatic plot and multi-tasking and now I concentrate on what I'm doing. Focusing on my work has its own way of slowing me down. I don't think about what I'll do when I finish, I don't think about tonight or tomorrow, my mind slows right down and it's just me in a room with what I'm doing. I feel in control, enjoy the work and when it's finished, I have a feeling of satisfaction and achievement. I can slot house work in with my paid work better, if I work to a routine. I find that if I set myself up with a couple of easy daily chores early in the morning, it seems to keep me going the entire day. If I don't do those two set things, I flounder, going from this to that and not quite doing anything well. As I think of them, I create a list of tasks that I want or need to do that day. If I don't finish my list, it's fine, they just get added to the following day's list. A young woman of average height with a full figure and long red hair. Her appearance is almost simillar to her sister. She fell in love with Rindo Urushiba after he saved her. A young thief, having the invisibility ability. She is a thief known for her misdeeds announce in advance.

She is a very good boxer and loves fighting policemen mixing her invisibility ability and her boxing skill.

She has a great ego and hates losing a fight.

All three individuals were confirmed to be paternally related via their shared Y-STR haplotype. Perhaps foremost among the candidates for such a program is Andrew Sullivan. The only evidence I require for my judgment is this extraordinary post. I'll get back to that in a moment. First, let's consider some general background issues. There is no question that much of the reaction to Sarah Palin, and to Hillary Clinton as well, is rooted in one of the foundational beliefs of our culture, and not simply that of the United States but of the West itself. I stated that belief as follows:You need to understand one very simple foundational point: Women are evil. More than that, women are the ultimate source of all evil in the world. Barb is a member of my Blue Star Mothers group and she isn't really a quilter, but she made this adorable quilt for a grandchild. She followed the pattern, cutting and sewing all these background squares together. Badgley Mischka Etro Felder Felder Giles Pamella Roland Prabal Gurung Which of these marvelous metallics are you smitten with, darlings? CC loves the bubble hem Pamella Roland dress! xoxox, CC. I had a little "just for fun" crafty time over the weekend and pulled out a mix of products from recent Reverse Confetti releases. The sentiment is from My Heart Trusts, and the dotted border is from Edge Essentials. To make the sort of elongated hexagon, I adhered the sentiment panel to two pocket die-cuts that I did with a Tie-rific Confetti Cuts die. I accented with stamped and die-cut flowers from Garden Bunch. The background was done by layering an inked and splattered Sunburst Cover Panel Confetti Cuts die-cut over a white card base. - Early reports in the NY Post and NY Sun, in advance of Spitzer's formal franchise announcement today, indicate that he will indeed propose that NYRA continue to run the racing in New York. But there are conflicting reports in the two papers as to the plans for the racino. " The Sun reports that he will award the racino to one of the other existing bidders later this week. The Sun also sheds a little light on the Post's report from yesterday of an impending Joe Bruno-initiated investigation into Getnick and Getnick's consulting deal with NYRA, noting that the decision to stick with NYRA could help one of his donors, Neil Getnick, the managing partner of the firm. Well its taken me a little longer than expected to get back to the favourite things short list but here we are.

Most of those in this selection are also my favourite patterns from Volume one too.

So off we go:First of all we have the Blackberry Stitch Cardigan. So widely knit that when I went to Vintage at Goodwood a couple of years ago, it was literally everywhere. It is the cardigan no self respecting vintage girl should be without. The Rowan yarn it was originally knit in is unfortunately discontinued but fortunately I will be updating the yarn requirements so that it can be knitted in Excelana. It does have a lot of bobbles but looks so good on its worth the sore hands, I promise! When I first said that I wanted to include Concentrate on the Sleeves in the book, I got some funny looks, but it has proven to be a real favourite with knitters and always attracts attention at events. I always regretted not being more into Jennifer Jones. To me, Jones was the actress that people's mothers, aunts, and grandmothers liked. She often played the good girl, dutiful wife, and even the occasional martyr, but she appeared against type in enough films that she got my attention. Jones was hotter than a Texas Summer in that movie. I didn't know about Jones' connection to David O. .