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Dear Participants of i-Run, We’re back in action! Please join us on the following date/venue from now onwards for your usual fun run session. We look forward to seeing you there. There's a stand of huge old oak trees in the park where I walk. They have a slightly surprised air, as if they've been transplanted from a genteel English landscape and are wondering how they ended up here, surrounded by scruffy wattle trees under a burning Australian sun, with graffiti tags on their trunks and white cockatoos squawking from their branches like rowdy antipodean visitors. Like all oaks, they are firmly rooted, growing down and out as much as up, offering a dense, dark shade. Every year of their long lives, they have put out new growth in spring, watched it harden into summer's dusty green, lost dry brown leaves in autumn, and bared their twisted black limbs in winter. There's a railway track running through the park. I watch the trains gleam and flash through the trees, humming and creaking over the heritage-listed timber bridge on its sturdy, numbered trestles. The trains are always in a hurry, tooting their horns, bustling self-importantly to the next station. For over a century, the oaks have grown steadily as the trains have shed old fashions and adopted new ones—steam trains, red rattlers, blue trains, sleek silver trains, silver trains with green and gold, silver trains with blue and yellow stripes. As promised yesterday, I am sharing some bits and pieces of my Mukluk project. This. Some years ago, David Wells surveyed readers of the Mathematical Intelligencer about what they consider to be beautiful in mathematics. The respondents ranked Euler's identity linking e, π, and i as the most beautiful expression in mathematics.

See "Euler's Beauties.

"My approach to mathematics is as an art form, like painting, sculpture, or music," Erickson writes. "While the artist works in a tangible medium, the mathematician works in a medium with numbers, shapes, and abstract patterns. "Erickson's many examples include not only familiar beauties but also underappreciated wonders.

The standardized survey is conducted every year by the Alaska Fisheries Science Center.

This year’s technical memorandum on the survey is online at. Ruth Christianson, the science and policy analyst for Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers in Seattle, says that in general red king crab stocks have been pretty steady, and while the total allowable catch might be down slightly this year, it should be relatively on par with previous years.

For tanner crab, the survey numbers are down quite dramatically, especially for eastern section mature females, and those numbers haven’t been that low in many, many years, she said.

Water temperatures have a dramatic effect on crab behavior and because of that it has a dramatic effect on catchability rates for the survey, because the standardized survey goes to the same locations in the same season every year. An increase or decrease in water temperature will affect where crab are found, and this is one of the warmest years on record, both on the sea surface and ocean bottom, so it is possible the crab are just in a different place, she said. Starting next year and then every other year thereafter, NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center will be doing a northern Bering Sea Arctic survey, she said.

The survey report goes now to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council’s Crab Plan Team, which meets in Seattle Sept.

Best guess squiggle count below. A close below that would be bearish. pics via oow I long for salt in the air and sand in my hair It's time for a summer break preparing for vacation enjoying the sunny days in france with my family some swimming, just being lazy and. having lot's of fun! See you all soon again. Winter is not normally the busiest time of year on the San Antonio Riverwalk, but if you have never been there during Christmas you certainly should make plans to go. Yes it was very cold when we were there, but that's why God made coats. Even though it was cold, just watching those twinkling lights out the hotel window was worth going. While it might be too late to plan a Christmas vacation in San Antonio this year, make a note to yourself to go sometime. You won't be disappointed. Roland made an other nice KTM tracker. there are several goals of soical work practice within these goals,the soical work specific role. This is what Graziella Groundhog SHOULD be eating:Broadleaf weeds from our pathetic excuse for a lawn. This is what she was eating Thursday:My FLOWERS!Caught in the act, the little devil!!. Get the look. Labels: Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars baseball.


Watching the news last night, I got this sort of feeling. My cousin Eileen has a few hibiscus plants growing at her Florida house. They are as big as hedges. In the morning I would find various stages of the flowers laying on the grass.

So each day I would go down to the dock and draw them.

I liked the pattern it was making on the ground. This would make a nice print on a Ferragamo handbag, even with the seam of the sketchbook left in. I'm probably the only heterosexual artist who thinks about handbags when he is drawing. I'm unique. Next beta and progesterone/estrogen check is Monday. The Colorado nurse emailed me orders for my next blood draw and titled it "orders for MOM. " She even said she might not check the beta anymore because it has been so great, but threw it in just because. " Wow. Somewhat? I'd call it great news. Since I can't undo the first beta level, I think we're doing great given where we started!So those are next steps.

We will be focusing on staying sane - and staying pregnant! - over the weekend.

He who trusts in God has no need to be ashamed of his confidence, time and eternity will both justify his reliance. - C. H. Spurgeon Our soul waits for the LORD: He is our help and our shield. For our heart shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted in His holy name. Let thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in Thee. I have my best mantilla on. We're all mourning the loss our dearly beloved Fabulon. Thank you, Thom. Spring is in full swing here. We've already been to a couple Farmers Markets. You can catch us at the Northampton Tuesday Market this afternoon if you are local. Music every week, WRSI broadcasting, knife sharpening, bike fixing monthly, and they take food stamps and credit cards!While most vegetable farmers are busy in their greenhouses and their fields, we are busy moving trailer loads of sheep to fields hither and yon for their spring, summer and fall grazing. Izithakazelo zakwa-Mncube Khambule, Mzilankatha, Inkatha kayingen'endlini, Yangena kubola izinkaba zabantwana, Nina bakaNkomo zilal'uwaca, Ezamadojeyana zilal'amankengana, Mlotshwa, Malandel'ilanga umaliyoshon'emaNcubeni, Mpangazitha, Magasolo, Nina basebuhlen'obungangcakazi, Abadl'embeleni wenkomo kungafanele, Kwakufanel'udliwe ngabalandakazi, Nina bakaDambuza Mthabathe, Nina basemaNcubeni enabalekel'uShaka naziphons'emfuleni, Kwakhuz'abantu benifihla, naphenduk' abakaKhambule, Nafik' eSwazini naphenduk'uNkambule, Msuthu, Mncube onsundu ngezinyawo zakho, Wen'oyithath'iNkosi uyibek'enhlabelweni, Nina baseSilutshana, Nin'enakhelana noMbunda, Nina bakaMaweni, Nzimande, Mncaphayi, Shezi, Malangatsha!. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. “Monsters,” said Vince Martinelli.

“There are monsters on the rig, Dave.

” Dave Hooper has a hangover from hell, a horrible ex-wife, and the fangs of the IRS deep in his side. The last thing he needs is an explosion at work. A real explosion. On his off-shore oil rig. Sorry for any inconvenience. USED foamie surfboard sale! We are selling off some of our USED foamie / beginner surfboards to make way for new inventory. Inventory going quick. Foamie boards are especially designed for surf schools and first timers as they are extra thick, wide and stable and are a safe and fun way to get started surfing and learn quickly and safely. Dings are no bueno on your board or on your person. You weren't paying attention. Hillary Clinton. One more thing: she's in favor of the "limited" use of torture. Not only that, but her "justification" for this position is the entirely false "ticking bomb" scenario. Not just evil, but stupid, too. Via the wonderfully witty Mr. Brambling Mania has reached the Sunshine Coast with a confirmed sighting in the Gibsons area. Exotic Bird Head Series for reproduction by Pier One Imports These Paper Paintings were created for reproduction by Pier One Imports. I experimented with some splattered, scratched, painted backgrounds that would allow the collage technique to be as much the focus as the subject matter. I have been using dripping, white gesso mixed with fluid acrylic, and Derwent InkTense pencils on these backgrounds. It's a nice simple cut and fold that will fit inside a standard business sized envelope. Please scroll down so you don't miss the new daily project post. The more you buy, the more you save!! Please use the applicable code found below in the promotional code area on the first page at checkout. Its not often my blogging is so thin on the ground. I can't believe its nearly a week since I blogged. Home is in chaos with drilling and hammering and grinding and dust and dirt everywhere. Yes, the builders are here, doing a very good job but making life quite difficult. I also wasted SIX whole hours yesterday searching for my husband's passport. SIX hours and where did I find it eventually - in my handbag. I'm relieved I found it but so annoyed at myself for wasting so much time. .