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Years ago, I had a police chief who said that, if it feels good to say it at the time, you probably shouldn't be saying it on the job. Labels: funny, heh, Other blogs, social conflict. “Then the LORD said, "The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous. What if only ten can be found there?" He answered, "For the sake of ten, I will not destroy it. We've ordered some booster seats for the car journey from the airport, and our friend Jon will lend us a couple of life-jackets. Perhaps we should get a couple more for ourselves, in case the kids get boisterous! The boating itself is bound to provide lots of fun and exercise. But we're also trying to plan a route that will take in a range of additional energy-sapping opportunities, preferably of the sort where the children can burn calories by themselves, while we quietly take on a few in some shady corner near by. Other boating bloggers report great times with kids on board. So far we've done the grandparenting thing in fairly small doses. Tell us, what piqued your interest in the film? ‘I thought the script was so sparse and direct. It even looked different on the page, like the formatting was different. ’How would you describe your character, Rey? ‘He’s very… dependent. He’s been told by everyone around him that there’s something wrong with him, that he’s kind of deficient in some way, and it’s not really established whether he is or he isn’t. ’ What were some of the challenges in bringing Rey to life? ‘Mainly the costume! It sounds ridiculous but that was the most important part. His work includes scenery, movement, and mood. His latest series, Naked Girls with Masks, falls squarely into the last category. Narrative artist Sarah Sharpe’s exploration of the orphan child Jane Eyre, entitled ‘The Red Room’, has scooped the prestigious ‘best in show’ title. Sarah, who is also a long-standing member of Peak District Artisans, said: “I am absolutely delighted to receive this recognition for a series of paintings that emerged from a set of etchings which I first created exploring the significance of Jane’s doll. “This work is my interpretation of a very lonely, motherless child, emotionally neglected, who very much has to rely on her own inner resources to survive. “Jane does survive, but not without being marked psychologically. ” The judges said the piece was a ‘deeply felt and meditative painting’.

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"According to the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry, Herman Brown is considered a violent offender for raping someone while on active duty with the U. S. ". Stock Island – Two out of three of the Pit Bull puppies were returned to their owner after being stolen from a residence on Stock Island. Black puppy, stolen from a home on Stock Island and still missing. They were in good health and are now back with their mother. The case is still under investigation and anyone with information about where the third puppy might be should call the Sheriff’s Office. Marjorie from cowgirlgoods so kindly nominated my blog to receive a Stylish Blogger Award.

Now we’re giving you the chance to see all of our fabulous projects and get some inspiration!! Check out my project tutorial below, and then jump to the next blog in the party to see even more inspirational DIY tutorials! You'll also get a chance to win some ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape so you can create a project of your own.

Just read to the end to find out how! About two months ago, we moved into a new-to-us house. I'm really excited about the decorating plans that I've worked up for the new space, and now that those sweet kiddos of mine are back in school, I'm ready to get going. And I'm starting with the boys' room. Here is a BEFORE showing you the boring state of the wall behind their bookcase. Yawn. a new friend! Recently Mr VE&T made a new tennis friend. He's a pretty good tennis player, and there aren't bajillions of people who can play at that level with him. Someone gave him the name of a new player at the club, and she turned out to be a great player who he really enjoys hitting with. The kids were so cute - immediately running around the house, meeting all the pets, playing in the backyard, throwing the ball for the doggies, climbing in and out the doggie door over and over and over! ha ha. I'm not even sure how on earth I ended up with two bags. The thing is - these guys take up some serious space. They are sort of the size of small ping pong balls. And I haven't had any idea what to do with them. Thank goodness for my MoFo theme! We were having my parents over for dinner, and I wanted to make them something yummy. In ogni collegio può essere presentato un solo candidato per ogni lista regionale. Il collegio ricostruisce un rapporto di conoscenza e fiducia tra eletti ed elettori. Walker has played well this season as the Winterhawks have been on of the surprise teams in the WHL. Ok, so it's been a while! I'm sorry. to the both of you. Heh. Anyway, I'm back. cottonink-shop. Happy shopping! xx. We are very proud of all the people that put in extra long hours in the field, it was Kerri's and my pleasure to keep you all fed and as happy as possible. Any recipe with cream chesse is yummy! Taking time to smile. Kerri cutting up meat for the stew for supper. First was Albacete.

Also from this region of Castile-La Mancha is Don Quixote with his sidekick Sancho Panza, real statues again.

Margaret can't resist posing in the hotel corridor. Worry "I've had many troubles in my life time, only half of which ever came true.

" Mark TwainAnd do not seek what you will eat and what you will drink, and do not keep worrying.

But seek His kingdom, and these things will be added to you.

Shall take the castle by force.

Hee! Hee!Sima YiZhou Yu ready for Red Cliff battleNew release Gyan!Awesome modellingGreat landscape of warriors from Southern region!Best seller!New Item!Liu Bei new versionHey! I'm back to blogging after having MIA for the past two days. Actually, I was on a training camp which grind me both mentally and physically. In fact, I had just returned to home sweet home yesterday during late night with sunburns, muscle aches, blisters and fatigue. Xavier Malisse made a little bit of a splash in this year's Wimbledon tournament. So I've added five new pictures of Xavier to the brflines site, including three screen caps I made of one of his games. Enjoy!.

A fellow blogger wanted to do a new book and I was invited to be one of the diverse people interviewed for the book.

I thought it'll be a good read for those who follows my blog to know more about me. The whole interview is pretty long, so I'll split up into two installments. maths, a. That's because I'm much more confident of the subject content in secondary school than other levels, so it's easier for me to pick it up. Bank Holiday non-special. My turn over at the RRR blog today! I go through creative spurts with mini albums. Baby albums are some of my favorites to create. This one uses lots of pretty papers from Martha Stewart and Crate Paper. Very soft and girly. I used old gingham fabric on it with stitching around the front frame, as accents on the inside, and on the back page. The back is just as pretty as the front. Brandon and Brittany are two heterosexuals who meet at the Laundromat in a shady part of town. Brandon and Brittany live in a bad neighborhood because it’s all they can afford. Neither have held a job for more than six months because all they care about is sex. They are in their early twenties, but both have had hundreds of sex partners. They’re young bodies have been ravaged by all the STDs they’ve contracted. Both Brandon and Brittany were introduced to the heterosexual lifestyle choice at a young age by older heterosexual predators. Brittany invites Brandon back to her sad, sparsely furnished, run down studio apartment so they can have more sex. On the way, they deliberately run over a developmentally disabled kid because they’re evil. On Christmas: when I was a boy, and not even a Christian boy, I remember that Christmas-time would bring all sorts of respectful nods to Christ in the culture. Then as I grew and the culture shifted, I noted that the Christ-hating Los Angeles Times would always try to warm the holiday season by scraping the bottom of the moldy wooden barrels of academia, to find some PhD to tell us about how this or that aspect of Christian faith was ludicrous hooey. Wow. So some items of news for you. some of you I'm sure might have noticed that Filofax Germany has just been relaunched with their new website in a similar style to the UK Filofax site.

I'm sure our readers in Germany will find it a big improvement over the old one.

Before someone asks. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. R. I felt I needed this special post in this diary of mine to tell myself to "suck it up", in part because I traded a bit hesitantly in today's trade, clipping far too quickly at times once the market "opened up" a bit. Like poker, changing gears is important in this business, and I didn't do it very well today. For example, I felt myself coasting when stepping on the accelerator was more appropriate. The more time I've had to reflect on the day, the stronger I feel about that, especially in light of last week's strong week and the current year's score. Perhaps my concerns are unwarranted given the decreased market volume this week. Yet today's modest results and hesitancy are bothersome enough for me to document it tonight so I remain aware of it. And again as in poker, the key at this end remains recognizing and feeling the frustration of many traders in the market who have been trying to unsuccessfully trade range breaks over the last two days of marginal volume, and using that to my advantage when the resulting setups occur. I failed today and need to get angry again. Architectural inspiration via Pinterest.

Jimmy Choo Truce metallic leather sandals.

Darlings, what do you think of this haute home office and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC. Enjoy! Photos via vogue. It's time for a new Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge! photo source: flickr. I just had to re-create that ombre effect for my challenge sample. Then, instead of watercoloring, I decided to sponge the ink on, which left me thinking "wouldn't sponging over the stencil give the same results without all the steps?" So I did another version of the background that way. I'm just loving the red, white and blue this month and I have another patriotic card to share today using great ribbons from Really Reasonable Ribbon.

The May Ribbon Club Assortment is a wonderful collection of red, white and blue ribbons and all the ribbons I used on my card came from this pretty assortment.

Not a member yet? JOIN TODAY and begin with this beautiful ribbon collection. Each month you will receive a fun color or holiday themed assortment of ribbon. What a great way to build your ribbon stash and try new ribbon styles. Thanks so much for stopping by today. For more information on the other products used on my card, please visit my Make Time to Craft Blog. Be sure to stop back tomorrow for our monthly Blog Hop. .