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Good Morning. I just wanted to take a minute to announce the winner of my Blog Candy and to say hello!!!I hope you all had a great holiday. Mine was busy and hectic, but great!! Now I am ready for a few days off from work to kick back and relax!!! On to the candy winner. I picked the number by random. S. If I do not get a response by Friday, I will redraw for this Candy. Dear Participants of i-Run, We’re back in action! Please join us on the following date/venue from now onwards for your usual fun run session. We look forward to seeing you there. On Friday I confronted my mortality. Of course, we all think about death from time to time. As you know if you've been reading my blog, I've been thinking about it a lot recently. This is mainly because we recently received the devastating news that Steve's father has liver cancer, which is enough to bring anyone face-to-face with the possibility of life-threatening illness. At least, I may be able to watch from heaven - who knows? - but surely it wouldn't be the same as holding a child on your lap, stroking their hair, reading them a story. S. Note the distinct lack of snow. You'd never guess this is a January day. I rode the Snow Dog to work Tuesday for the first time as I had Monday off. The weather was going downhill fast as I left for the shop. We had seen some rain on Monday, so there was a lot less snow and a lot more ice than you'd like to see in January. Yeah. Sometimes we are not even aware of the treasures we have! I am happy to host a Link Up party because it gives us a chance, To be inspired by each other! Showing honor to others is a powerful force. When we speak and treat others with grace and respect, It opens doors to us from His Kingdom ways. "The Glass Box" The next idea is from my own DIL She has fined tuned an all natural deodorant! God's Grace Overflows Once again, it is time to share a post that will inspire and lift us To our high calling. Interior stylist Hilary Robertson's two-story Brooklyn townhouse, filled with vintage furniture and flea market finds. The greys and powdery hues are exactly my cup of tea. Jo Fischer Diary. "The true Liberation is to always remember that humanity is not orphaned because we are all brothers, we are all children of God. On the third anniversary of their untimely passing what they stood for needs to remembered, honored and their example followed. "We Cubans have a right to our rights. Why not rights? It's time. That is the peaceful change that we promote and claim. Changes that signifies freedom, reconciliation, political pluralism and free elections. I've written a guest post for the blog of Karen Ingalls, a writer and author who is a five year survivor of ovarian cancer. Her book, Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir, is an inspiring account of the challenge of living with such a diagnosis. My post is the story of "Malcolm", a patient from early in my nursing career who taught me many lessons of living well in the face of the vicissitudes of life. I hope you enjoy Malcolm: Gratitude and Grace. He was wearing a blue, mechanic-style jump suit and armed with a knife. ". He is accused of burglarizing several boats at Strike Zone Charters on Big Pine Key. He said he confronted Hesson and told him to leave the area. He snapped a photo of Hesson as he left and then called the Sheriff’s Office to report it. Deputy Fricke searched for Hesson in the area but could not find him. The following day, Deputy Fricke responded back to the charter business. The owner said video surveillance of the property showed Hesson returning to the property and going through more boats. We've had a pretty mild winter overall, with not a lot of snow, but as you can see we've got enough to cover the ground, and I snowshoe with the dogs most days. Here are a few pics. Tristan says, "What are you sniffing, Sophie?""Hmm. I'll check it out myself. " Sophie likes to hunt meadow voles under the snow. Fortunately she doesn't catch them too often!Two happy canines wandering through the woodlot. ph: Just JaredGet the look. Cut into bite-sized pieces. Then put them all together in a big bowl and chill. Garnish each serving with a sprig of mint. Serve to a small group of friends, after reading a good book. You'll enjoy every bit of it!. Who'd have believed that a quirky, educated, unconventional guy from the Bronx would end up in San Francisco as one of the most popular voices on American syndicated radio? The King of Interesting, provocative, entertaining, talk radio with an eye for unpredictability did one better. He's still regarded as something of a professional outcast because he doesn't play the game practiced by others. Being simple, easy to use and straight to the point, RedInk makes the user experience pleasant and useful, while concentrating the attention on your talent and skills. Often in politics an individual's core beliefs may not benefit their position if exposed to the light of day. It is unfortunate but true. If they told us what they really intend for our future we would not tolerate them. Occasionally however their core is so ingrained that they blurt it out without realizing. Read this from former Dallas mayor, now Obama minion, Ron Kirk:Texas Secession Not FunnyIt was several months ago, but apparently it is now Kirk's job to refresh our memory since Gov. Rick Perry swept the ill-advised candidacy of Sen. Kay Hutchison into the dustbin of history Tuesday. Kirk is supposed to caution us about a nut-job. Perry, in a stump speech, pointed out that Texas was doing better than most states in the recession and we might benefit from invoking the secession clause of our original agreement on admission to the union. An independent state of Texas has a certain resonance, doesn't it. I shouldn't have over-looked the event.

Like so many significant moments in my life I remember exactly where I was when I saw the news that he had died.

A motion for a temporary restraining order also was filed. The plaintiffs are listed as Stephen Vanek, Erik Huebsch, Ian Pitzman, United Cook Inlet Drift Association and Copper River Seafoods Inc. Listed defendants include the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the state Board of Fisheries. Today was a special one for Deckboss. One year ago exactly, I posted the very first item on this blog. The new picture on top is a shot I took along the waterfront in Juneau, which again this month will see legislators adjourn for the year and head home. Please pass the word to your friends. Yes it is my Harvest Sky pattern. I have sewn borders on but didn't get a picture taken of that. I am in the process of pinning it to quilt. I need to have it done by Wed to take down South when I visit my parents. Wish me luck. The pattern is available on my website. I just finalized my notes for my first talk tonight: "The promise of hope. We'll have Exposition of the Holy Eucharist, my poor offerings, and then some time to pray silently with the Lord, followed by Benediction. " I hope to see you there!. Three new pictures of Bahamian tennis daddy, Mark Knowles, were added to his page in the brieflines archive. As always, enjoy!. If you're anything like me, you love the farm stories, and the pictures, but what you really crave, what you can't wait to feel. So I hope you have had a good weekend. So here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment. Tegeman Обзор моих ежедневников. In the half-light of dawn the Kestrel of Head Dyke Lane was where it often sits atop one of two telegraph poles. Birds are such creatures of habit, just like the birders who watch them. And then through Cockerham I spotted a roadside Tawny Owl as it too saw the car’s headlights slowing to make it fly back to the nearby trees. A heavy autumn mist lay across Conder Green and the River Lune, so much in fact that there was no point trying to bird watch until the sun lifted a little more. At Glasson Dock the boats were enveloped in misty light as early rising Swallows and Starlings attached themselves to any masts which reached into the emerging sunshine.

Misty Sunrise - River Lune Glasson Dock A few Swallows were feeding low across the water as frrom the left a Kingfisher appeared amongst them, slowed as if to stop and then vanished once more into the gloom.

Swallow The towpath walk gave a couple of Chiffchaffs and a Great-spotted Woodpecker but otherwise quiet. By now folk were stirring, the overnight camping anglers and the first doggy walkers on the path so I high-tailed it to Conder. old-stf. Hi, everyone! My name is Maria Elena. I have been thinking of setting up my own blog for a long time now, but I was a little scared of embarrassing myself. With a little push from friends and family, I decided to go ahead with it.

I have been following some of you all for quite sometime and I am always so impressed by how beautiful your blogs and your homes are.

I have always loved to decorate and I have learned a lot by reading your post and looking at all the fabulous pictures. Darlings, as you probably already know, CC has a purple predilection! Hope you enjoy these haute amethyst items. Deborah Pagani Rose of France amethyst and grey diamond Talula earrings, at barneys. Kendra Scott Danielle oval stone earrings, at scoopnyc. L. A. M. B. This quick video offers some alternative ways to prepare strawberries, kiwis, pomegranates, oranges, mangos, and watermelon. I just tried the watermelon trick and I can confirm that it worked great. Now I've got a career cutting up watermelons to fall back on. My design above, Crowned Owls, is the first piece in this club. kathybarrick. etsy. It is rather unsettling to me to find myself so far behind with my holiday preparations this year. I usually have so much done by now. I need to make some witch hats and haven't even bought the materials yet. These are hats I made last year. I never have trouble finding homes for these hats. One of my friends wears hers each time she has a UPS delivery. I wonder what the UPS guy thinks about that? There is a little witch in all of us. Good morning to you all! Misty here to share a super simple little treat bag set with you today! I made these little bags using a package that I got at the Dollar store. The little bags were premade, I just assembled and decorated. I used various ribbons from the Halloween section in the RRR store. including the adorable pumpkin ribbon. I also used some white seam binding which is not in the halloween section, but perfect for this project! Hope you all enjoy some super simple inspiration! Have a great day!. .