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DZ has been a fan of "Jesus & Mo" for some time and has occasionally reproduced some of the cartoons here. The author of J & M has refused. good for him. Long may he draw.

Constructed to be lightweight and available in multiple finishes these Fork Braces are a perfect match to any existing PM accessories currently found on your motorcycle.



Please join us for a two-hour brown bag program about Non-Parental Custody. This program will cover:Unfit parents CPS investigations Parenting plan vs. Dependency action.


m. m. As I connect with patients and inform them that I am leaving the practice, the reality of the change sets in. I also realize that some of my patients' lives will indeed change radically as they negotiate new clinical relationships that may or may not serve them as well as their relationship with me has done. Having done so, their expectations may be that subsequent clinicians will do what I have done for them, and in this assumption they may indeed be sorely mistaken. However, if enabling does go so far as to disempower, then what has truly been served, the patient's needs or the clinician's own guilt?For myself, this is the end of an era. It is the end of being in long-term therapeutic relationship with patients. It is the end of that feeling of responsibility of carrying the details of the care of so many on my own shoulders. I have gained much from that responsibility, and it has certainly fed my own need to be so needed. But is being so needed really all that it's cracked up to be?As for my patients, they will survive, and they will navigate the new world without my presence however they can.

Some will latch onto a new provider, some will simply fade into the healthcare woodwork.

I guess I'd better not say too much about where and when, in case it gives me the chance to write in even more detail about the justice system in England. So, imagine whatever details you like which lead me to be standing in the witness box giving evidence. The usher holds up a piece of card in front of me and I say that ‘I do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. One of the barristers tries to confuse me with dates. It's easily done - soon I am shuffling through great files in response to a query about whether something happened before something else. Dew Drops are water condensed from the air. They're simply amazing because it makes every morning to be refreshing and brisk. It's a beautiful gift from our Mother Nature, vivid and delicate, warm and cold at the same time. I wish now i am drenched in dew and wash away all the pain of yesterday.


I'm heading out tomorrow for a week of sleeping under the stars. Looking forward to relaxing by the campfire. A long time friend, fighter pilot, former airline captain and hobbyist police officer in his spare time refers to the outfit as "Arrest Me" clothes. It is a unique look that is ubiquitous among the thuggist class of American metropolitan areas. So, what does a female cop do when she has a suspicion about three young reprobates in a White Castle parking lot? Why would anyone go to a White Castle parking lot and not have a slider in their mitts? What brings folks there if not the cholesterol and saturated fats? The officer had reason to believe it was the transfer of illicit herbal substances. Roust the young men out of the car. Prepare to pat them down but experience a realistic reluctance to be patting the underwear of the miscreants. She tugs the trou to raise them to a civilized level and behold a firearm drops from the pocket to the pavement.

Una giovane coppia argentina ha raggiunto anche le isole Eolie.

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The vet gave her from two weeks to three months, but seemed to think we were closer to counting in weeks.

I'm pretty much wrecked and crying a lot. Operation Spoil Sekhmet is in effect, though. Tonight I'm roasting a chicken so she can have the gravy and juice. I'm really ready for this year to be fucking over. See that big, honkin' hole circled in orange? IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. I was pulling the scarf out pretty hard, it's possible the thread popped.

Fucking mohair.

Either way, I'm going to have to repair this goddamn thing before it's ever been worn. That really pisses me off. For now it's got a pin stuck in the stitch to keep it from running further, while it dries. You know those annoying knitting blogs where everything goes perfectly and they never have anything strange happen? No danger of that around here. The rest of the scarf looks good, though.

I need a drink.

This photo was taken by my daughter Katie, when she was up in Alaska. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I'd take a picture. Please make a donation to support Minutes Before Six Failing Grade: Basic Education at Stateville By Joseph Dole With all of the talk about prison reform and a refocus on rehabilitation over the past year or two, it´s time to start shining a spotlight on the sad state of basic education in Stateville Correctional Center. Other than a person´s age, there is no greater indicator of whether someone will recidivate than one´s level of education. In conjunction with the IDOC, the school district half-heartedly offers the equivalent of elementary and high school classes to grown men of Stateville. I'm always looking for a way to advance science, and three recent articles pointed out some possibilities. So that leaves poop donation. It has only been recently that dolphin snot has hit the news. The promise for research breakthroughs seemed endless. Could we one day cure the heartbreak of plankton-induced asthma? Develop a new marine adhesive from porpoise boogers? Sadly, none of this is on the horizon. Emery Stylist: Tracey Nicholson Hair: Lok Lau Makeup: Gemma Smith-Edhouse Source: NYTimes. PART OF MY VACATION this year consisted of a different kind of boating. I floated down a tributary of the Colorado River in a rubber raft with members of my family. And all the way along the four-day trip I wondered at the huge difference the invention of tough inflatable boats has made to this business of running the white-water rapids. When Col. ” The boats were double-ribbed and were built with double sternposts and stems. If the cargoes were removed, each of these boats could be carried by four men.

Are you mad at Google for fundraising for Inhofe? I know I am.

Amy H. Hello Ai Fans! Have you got something fun planned for the weekend? Sally here is all set to make a splash! You can find this great stamp - Sally Swimmer Set - in the store. ✻ Please make a new card or creation. g. Dip needle in the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments at Harvard University. Over the holidays, we hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party! I have always wanted to go to one of these, so, I just decided to have some friends and family over and check out their ugly gear. Well, lets just say. ” - David Star JordanFull moon evening so get those crystals outside and all charged up. Sunshine this morning with beautiful weather. Should be nice and warm throughout the day. An absence of much swell today but still a roller or two worth watching and suiting up for. Not great size but a nice day for the beach. CHANNEL: Outside bar waves that run up to knee high but have nice shape due to a good sandbar. Longboards will work here and left is the direction of travel. Great for beginners as well. I'm still in the process of going through the old archives that I had saved and reposting many of my major essays, including the lengthy series of articles I've written based on the uniquely important work of Alice Miller. I'll be posting a Table of Contents in a few hours, so that readers can more easily locate essays they find of particular interest. All of the entries in that series are listed here. That entry from almost two years ago excerpted an excellent short essay from the National Catholic Reporter. Because it is just as if not more pertinent today, I offer that excerpt again. Some time this week a new sewing machine will be delivered to my door. Only on a test basis so I'm trying not to get too overly excited. Too consumed and fixated. And I'm trying hard not to watch out the window for the delivery driver every minute of the day.

After all, I love my old sewing machine.

It helped me whip up this little tabletop quilt for the top of my dresser. Out of nothing but scraps and in no time flat. "Kill! Cried the Raven!"? Here we go! Is it just me, or does this page look like Ross Andru's handiwork?. For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . petscams. enom. GLOBEXCAMHOST. GLOBEXCAMHOST.

The crippling economy has been tough.

I moved down to southern Indiana when they closed the machine shop in our plant in Alsip several years back. They allowed me to retain seniority and vacation when I transferred down, so that was awesome. The plant up there kept going, but the work on the molds came down here, and I followed the work. Now, they are forced to cut back and have decided to shutter five facilities, including the one in Alsip Illinois. It was our show piece for years. I am the first person who will say that the process is not easy or absent of difficult challenges. This is Maslow’s hierarchy at play in a nutshell. Instead of taking risks, we revert back to playing it safe. .