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Thank God there are some JJ Watt's not only in the NFL, but in the country as a whole.

From my point of view, the 'bad boys' of the NFL get too much attention while great guys like Watt are ignored. We need more role models like JJ Watt in the world today. courtesy of singtao. Louisa said, "Because we have worked together before, the director found a familiar co-star for me so I would perform a little more naturally. " Although she said that she did not have any intimate scene yet, she wanted to be a professional and would not mind any. Louisa also said that she did not discuss the details of her job with her boyfriend and admitted that after returning to Hong Kong she has been so busy that she did not even have time to see her family. ". Two boats and a large amount of fishing equipment were reported stolen over the past few days in the county. m. on Thursday. m. and it was gone. Someone or something took my entire double headed sunflower out of my flower bed. Snapped that stalk right off…the buggers.

It was probably a Bambi.

Then we saw two sunflowers on the way into town, they had sprouted up and bloomed in the cracks in the highway on the edge of the tar. They were such pretty things and there were two of them standing tall and strong greeting motorists from far and wide. Their sunny little faces following the sun happily all day long. On the way home from town they were g. o. But there is a piece of Visalia history that was almost lost forever right on the museum grounds. The Matthews family had a long history as millers. When they arrived in Visalia they were ready to establish a mill on Mill Creek having carried their millstone with them. The mill was set up at what is now the southeast corner of Main and Santa Fe streets. The Matthews’ eventually sold their business and the mill change hands several times over the years. It had been broken into two pieces and was brought to the museum. The sucker went on the market today. "View Randy's Listings"Then:"Show Me Properties"Then choose:"HOUSE"then scroll down to us, the new listing on Armstrong. Buy me! Buy me!!. A great day to be outside away from the electronics!Here's the last item in today's grand parade. and a street dance and fireworks will be later tonight. It's Graduation Time! I used the Dream Pop Paper and some glitter paper to make a graduation card. Read it here. Our clients include the Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Education, Health and Human Services, Labor, Veterans Affairs, and the Food and Nutrition Service, among others. A few days ago, Jotto sent me a copy of this drawing. I thought, "Hmmm. maybe I can do something inspired/based on this. " So far, this is what I've sketched:I'm thinking about doing another sketch from another angle. we'll see. YouTube link. 'Six months ago, I heard the song 'GQ' for the first time, and thought, why not make a parody,' he said. 'Now all the popular videos are about money, a sumptuous life. Why not?' "My cowshed is always fresh! The dung is everywhere It attracts money and dirt It fascinates girls with flavor Hey, baby, let's drink kumys Oh, it's very tasty. ". Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant. -Horace Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. More worrisome, the prices of goods leaving the factory fell again in November. are you, like me, an Anna Kovëcses fan? can't resist pinning every illustration by this brilliant hungarian artist when i find them on Pinterest.

love her simplicity and clever use of colors and shapes.

so talented!! her book One Thousand Things is another of her beautiful creations. me encanta su simplicidad y el uso tan inteligente que tiene de los colores y las formas, tiene tanto talento!! su libro Mil cosas es otra de sus maravillosas creaciones, una enciclopedia visual de primeras palabras realmente bonita. me encantan los libros en los que te pierdes y te quedas embobado mirando cada detalle. They have a Scratch team that plays in the Greenlees League - open to all clubs in the West of Scotland. Their second team plays in the Allander League, which is a handicap league that is played in the evenings. The news of gay marriage came as I was attending to some private business, for which my focus needed to be on. I read Cardinal Wuerl's statement, and like most of his statements, it is quite disappointing. He always looks to avoid any conflict and any sort of controversy. I am so disappointed, that I will not even link to it. If you did not catch what he was saying, it was: We will give health benefits to gay "spouses. " So, once again, he has capitulated. However, Msgr. Pope's column title in the National Catholic Register really sums it up: Things Are Going to Get Very Tough, Very Quickly for the Church and her Allies. You can read it here: +++++++ POPE FRANCIS, PLEASE STAY AT HOME IN ROME. It's stamped onto Cryogen White paper and colored with Copics. I used some clear Nuvo crystal drops to simulate water droplets. I started with a lantern I had already in my decor I apologize for the pictures not being of quality as they should, it has been very gray and dark here for the last few days. Above you can see the truck and trees up close. Here's another one on how I staged the inside of the lantern I started with snowflakes and bottle brush trees and a truck I purchased in the ornament dept at Target. Now just stage them how you want them to look. I added a tree to the truck bed and also added a small battery operated tea light that glows. For my Easter Cross Box I used the Greenhouse Gala DSP to create my cross, I added the Easter Lily flower from the stamp set Fifth Avenue Floral. I added Crystal Effects to the top layer of the flower. I punched out the flower stems in Certainly Celery from the Two Step Bird Punch The banner is hand cut and stamped with Easter Wishes from the All Holidays. stamp set.

I hope you've enjoyed my Easter Cross Box.

What can I say? All they think about is boys! After this song, we taught everyone the Tarantella, which is an aerobic workout. After sitting through some informative presentations, everyone needed to get up and dance. I had tied ribbons to our tambourine, to the dismay of of our resident drummer. Each troop prepared a dessert from their chosen country, so we made pizzelles. No leftovers.

Job Seeking and Keeping Looking for work is not for the faint of heart.

It’s a full time job and anyone who says differently is selling you something. Tune in and takes notes. I gave Granada Fred a chance with his TV forecast this morning because he promised a “good” day, “quite windy, but sun in between the showers”. This corresponds with what happened a week or two ago when I saw over a hundred Whooper Swans flying to Pilling near dusk, so it looks like Pilling may be the roost site for the many Whoopers currently scattered around the Fylde. Whilst I watched the Whooper Swans fly off a little Sparrowhawk came from the direction of the fields before heading out of sight behind the wood. Well Fred was right about the wind as I confirmed when I tried to stand on the sea wall beyond Fluke Hall and although a Little Egret braved the gale, I didn’t. Already the clouds gathered, and weighing up the options I decided that if I wanted to see much, most of this morning would of necessity not involve much walking in the wind and rain but looking at well frequented spots via the car. who are banned here. Why am I so excited? Ever since Logan was born and I became a full-time mom, I have slowly gotten away from some conventional ways of cleaning and have switched to greener alternatives. Sometimes I look back and wish I had known about greener alternatives when Mia was a baby, but it is never too late to learn "new" things. While vinegar itself is not new, and the tips for using it have been known for generations, we have been bombarded by chemical cleaners in the past few decades. Lately, we hear more and more news reports of things hurting our kids, so I am sure you will be glad to learn that there are simple, safe, and inexpensive solutions for cleaning practically everything! I never knew that vinegar has so many uses, and honestly, I had never used it all that much until last year when I began making my own cleaning solution. I am excited to be able to share some of Green Grandma's tips with you as well as point you toward a giveaway so you can get your own copy of this great little book. Last night at guild, most of the participants of the workshop on Saturday brought their finished bags for Show 'n Tell. I am amazed at the turnout for the Nickel Swap.

I didn't get pictures of them yet, but will do that later today.

Kirk in Illinois said he wrote down David Petraeus for president, but he was easily ousted. Heck had ducked questions about Trump. Clinton, like the Democratic Senate contenders, won all three states. Ron Johnson, North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr and Missouri Sen. We're stronger with that element self-purged. Now, I fully realise that cats are highly unlikely to eat apples, but I'm also quite sure that if told they don't, then they would more than likely start. Isn't that the nature of a cat?. My good friend Bev over at Beverly's Back Porch inspired me this morning. She said she is going to make eggs benedict for herself to eat as she watches the royal wedding on Friday. It sounded like a great idea to me so I whipped up some English muffins this morning. They are so easy to make and actually quite fun and they are way better than the store bought ones. I doubled the recipe as I almost always do. If you don't want as many, just cut the recipe in half. .