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Certain meals must be prepared on certain days, certain television shows must be watched at certain times, and all change must be planned for weeks in advance.

Any unannounced break from the routine could possibly send Jacob into a panic. Like many other kids with AS, Jacob has a fixation on a particular subject, in his case, forensic science. Jacob loves everything about it. He loves it so much that he keeps a police scanner in his room and likes to show up at crime scenes in the area and try to solve them before the police do. When his social skills tutor is found dead, the police turn their attention towards Jacob. He was arrested for the murder and has to stand trail to prove he's innocent. When they are called in to search for an elderly man who has wandered away from home it seems like a routine mission, until Raine looks through her binoculars and sees something she wasn’t supposed to see. A dead man is very much alive, a felon is walking around free, and Raine is the only person who can testify to the fact. The problem is that no one takes her claims seriously. except the person who wants her dead. Just about every other month, all the kids start looking a little shaggy and so it’s off to the hair salon we go. So we obliged. How does our little charmer look?. Long story short:Potential disaster averted by this young man and histalented colleagues.

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Now we begin to study how the apostle responded.

First, I notice that Paul does not detail the false teaching. This is why there has been such debate and variations among students of the letter, through the centuries, as to the exact configuration of “the Colossian heresy. Rather than laying out the opposing view in detail, and then refuting it point by point, Paul mostly issues a positive corrective.

Here in the UK there are two separate and quite distinct species - birder and bird photographer.

And they don’t always co-exist in perfect harmony. Birders often use the disparaging epithet of “togger” to describe someone who simply takes bird photographs but has no real interest in birds as animals and their place in the Tree of Life. In return I am sure that photographers use a similarly unflattering word to describe the many birders who simply want to look at birds but who have no desire to photograph them. “The bird world has rival human factions: purists who admire birds from a distance, and some photographers who put out bait - live mice from a pet store to get the dramatic shot of a bird of prey swooping in. The two sides don’t play nicely. “There’s a real amount of verbal abuse that goes on between the two groups. Not much jibber-jabber from me today. un peu le who's who musical. . "All gave some. Some gave all. " via Carol / Christian Soldier - and we thank her. According to Carol: "Just found out that American Airlines honors our BEST too. Leigh has put together a super fun, unique sketch for this week's TCP Tuesday Challenge. What I've seen so far will leave you drooling for sure! I used TCP's Pinwheel CutUps Die for my focal point and added a sentiment from Field of Pinwheels.

I hand-cut the pinked border along the left, but TCP has a variety of pinked border CutUps that would make that job much easier.

Each Tuesday we will give you a challenge. Or maybe there's something else. - Tom Precious reports on Bloodhorse. The red ink experienced by NYRA in December is nothing new. Please visit my online store and select a single image out of one of the sets. And all the lovely people who participate in the challenge are such an inspiration too. I love scrolling through to see what everyone else has done! Have a wonderful week!. .