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An up close and personal shot of Fonda's panhead to go along with an earlier post. This post is about Friends and inspirations, not without food, you know it. When we bloggers met, one of the gifts from P of Evolving Tastes were these dried white peaches, used in this recipe today. I wanted to make it my recipe to share on the blog. So this new sundae is a creation from my kitchen lab. It also uses a recipe from my classmate, Smita's blog, of the Sweet n Spicy Almonds The dessert in a jar concept has been haunting me after I saw Saee's pic of Orange rasgullas buried in vanilla icecream. It was an absolutely enriching experience to be with fellow bloggers, the main topic revolved around food but we talked endlessly on photography, social connects, ingredients and shared notes on where we get the best. We talked about family and shared our experiences of our journey as food bloggers. Majjige HuLi, steamed rice, a blog err blob of pickle, Corn and Carrot Kosumbari and Chili bhajji, that's a Bangalore Mini Meal!Majjige HuLi has been on the wedding menu of almost all the weddings I have attended so far here in Blr. Majjige HuLi translates to Buttermilk Sour, the sour refers to the curry ofcourse. I used this recipe. It turned out really tasty. I started off with plans of a Majjige HuLi with Madras cucumber in my earlier post on that special Sambhar with the cucumber.

Liverpool Street Station.

London. He's long been a colorful guy who says exactly what's on his mind. And, as Bill Finley relates in his column today, he has no tolerance for those who dishonor the game by not playing by the rules. Whatsmore, he's a strong-willed and a strongly opinionated owner, and not the only one, I'm sure, in this highly subjective game, who might equivocate an honest difference of opinion with his trainer as a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts. Same as an investor who might have similar sentiments about his stock broker. And, as Pletcher said, sometimes people say things in the heat of a momentous occasion that they might not totally mean. - There was a profile of Frank Stronach in the business section of Tuesday's Times that you can read here, I believe with no registration required. I'm not sure if that plan was followed through on.

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