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I am not going to watch the presidential "debates" tonight.

My boycott is not new. They were sadistic job interviews interlaced with entertainment moments of "gotcha. Hey guys. Quick update for you. I added one new pic of Marcel Granollers of Spain to the brflines site today. Hope you enjoy!Adios!!!. He tells the people to return to the Lord and, even though he has torn you up, he will heal you. He understands that God always responds to a heart of repentance. He understood the grace of God. Hosea, though he knew the judgment of God, knew the grace of God as well. He waits for us to make a move, but He helps us make it, so that He may demonstrated His grace to us. See, I have a dirty little secret. I'm clutter-phobic - on the outside. Confused? In the things I see day to day, I HATE clutter: knick-knacks, unnecessary wall hangings, ornate decorations that just sit there for no reason. Like this space. But I'm trying to cure this disease. Katie over at Hyper Homemaker has made it easier with her Ultimate Fall Cleaning Challenge! Today's challenge was to tackle the kitchen, and that's exactly what I did.

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There is a huge group of talented artists in the blogosphere, all of whom have their own special style and unique approach to art.

I thought it would be amazing to pool their collective talents and be able to share this information with everyone. The responses I have received have been varied, fascinating, creative, and even a little bit surprising. Learn more about your favorite artists, discover some new ones, and add to your list of must-see blogs and websites. I hope you will find this as exciting and fun as I have. I would love to have as many people participate as possible, so if you are an artist and would like to be included in this survey, please email me using the link at the upper right hand corner of this blog. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. Laurell K. R. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. Sun in your eyes, moon at your back. All Class Details can be seen HERE. Guess what else is changing? The Definitely Decorative line and the Simply Adorned line will be discontinued and there will no longer be a Summer Mini Catalog. Throughout the history of craft beer the term has been subjective based on the personal impressions of its host. It is no small secret that the Northwest loves its India Pale Ales with most of that love influenced by the green ocean of hop fields that litter the valleys. I used walk along a paved trail where I was living at the time. Lots of folks walked their dogs there, too. As temperatures rose, some of them tried to hydrate their dogs. Depending on how far I walked, there are four drinking fountains along the way. The one at the far end actually had a ground-level drinking fountain for dogs. But the others did not. Some dog owners bring a little water bowl along. Greetings, Just to give you all a little preparation time. " I wonder how many audience members they're going to have to bus in to keep all these events from being total media busts? Keep spending on ineffectual crap like this, antis! If nothing else, it will give rights advocates media ink and face-time opportunities to piggyback off of. Add all whole spices and cinnamon sticks. Remove and set aside. Drain stock and set aside. Stir. Add more water if stock is not enough. Bring to boil. Add rice and stir. - On Tuesday, Governor Cuomo was asked about the impending casino closures in Atlantic City and Moody's downgrade of its outlook for the casino industry, and whether he was therefore concerned as "New York prepares to expand casinos. " It's funny sometimes with these occasional encounters that Cuomo has with the press corps. or I suppose in any similar situation with most any politician. that the reporters all seem to pick up on the same quotes - in this case: “The state is not building any casinos, and the state is not spending any money here. Hey there Paper Peeps. Happy first of the month. You know what that means?? Yep I get to share the project I created with the new Ribbon Club Assortment. I really love the warm colors and rich patterns of this collection. I'm not quite ever out of the mood to create Fall projects even when it's still warm outside. This assortment has me thinking pumpkin patches and apple cider. Greg Jones photoed by Robert Reiff. .