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Parker & Ethan started their basketball seasons.

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"Barbara" and her the "Bottle Walk" with Eddie Dullem aboard.

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“If you’re in the middle of a heat wave, make the simple, scientifically-grounded statement, ‘And you think this is bad? We can expect to see more intense and more frequent heat waves as we move into the future if we do not reduce our emission of heat-trapping greenhouse gasses,’” said Dr.

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A way of life that makes sense in the country, or at least outside the city.

I think there are arguments for and against most locations, the key here is to work out where you have to be at a particular stage of your life and then make it work for you. Bloom where you are planted. I live in a semi-rural town about an hour's drive from our capital city and I'm very happy here. There is good rainfall, we've built up our soil so it now produces abundant harvests, the sun shines most days and nothing much happens. At this stage in my life, all those things are important to me. But public transport here isn't as reliable and frequent here as it is in the city, if we needed specialist medical services we'd probably have to drive into the city for them, and entertainment consists of beaches, cinemas and not much else. Living in the city offers good public transport, a wide variety of shops from which to buy groceries, a better choice of many things such as art galleries, exhibitions and schools. I have been going to the doctors every day since Sunday. Needless to say, I am looking forward to having time away from that office! Here are the reports from the past few days. I have now reposted my lengthy essay about Tony Kushner's magnificent play, Angels in America, at The Sacred Moment: A Hymn to Life. That article remains among the handful of my personal favorites in all my writing over the last three years. When I first published that essay, a few of my close friends remarked that they weren't sure I myself fully understood how radical the implications of my themes were. I felt like saying: "Well, I wrote it, for goodness' sake. Of course I understand what it means!"Now, with the passage of a couple of years and having done much more thinking and reading, I see that they were right. Before I explain what I mean by that, let me briefly make a prefatory point. au An authentic old world Greek baklava recipe, passed down from generation to generation and reluctantly shared with the new world. Different techniques for seamlessly moving your turkey from pan to platter. It hits every now and then. So I put every single thing on sale. At substantially reduced prices. And whatever doesn't sell. I'll take apart. And re-use each and every piece.

It'll be like having a ton of new stash!! Gotta love that! Available here: FrenchSentiments.

Etsy. We love a good cheese platter around here and we are lucky to have some new fabulous charcuteries to buy from. We are very into buying locally. So, when we found out that a farmer's market was opening for the season last Saturday, we headed out to visit it. Okay, it wasn't in the immediate local region but The Blog Tech and I like our adventures so we went anyway, especially because we wanted to buy some goat cheese we had heard about. The first markets of the year are always a bit sparse. But you can count on the crafters having full tables after a long hard winter. And I stocked up on eggs! There were ramps for sale but I passed. A.


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