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The test specifications were outlined and supervised by China Mobile and Huawei Corporation technicians who monitored and measured the overall quality and stability of the signal coverage of the Telestone system. For more about Arthur Silverman, see "Three Sentinels. " Photos by I. Peterson. Lets see if support holds and our count pans out. Although this presentation of the video ties it to a hog hunter and has a background story we hadn't heard before, this remains one of the best pieces of possible skunk ape footage out there. So far it has not been debunked as a hoax. As Steve and I sat on a bench overlooking the ocean today we laughed about our life. We ride our bikes along the ocean or take Lulu on long walks at different beaches in our area. Both of us have other things we could be doing, but we joke that our "job" is to just enjoy life. Steve's actual job is to paint and he is fortunate that he can paint what he wants. The first two paintings are his most recent pieces and the work in progress is of a family that lives on our street as they head out for a surf session. My latest "job" is to take pictures. I am always looking for something to photograph for the one picture I post on Instagram each day. grough caught up with the runner as he approached Top Withins on the West Yorkshire moors, reputed setting for Emily Brontë’s novel Wuthering Heights. Appropriately, he was in high spirits as he tackled the penultimate day of his two-week-plus challenge. Here it is ensconced under coffee beans nestled around a tea candle. All of this tatting has prompted some interest at school and she'll be giving tatting lessons at lunch recess to those who are interested. Fox has given the wreath another go. Here is tatted in Sulky and DMC Special and looking divine. but because I love my husband, who is totally misguided and adores this stuff, I made a dark, rum-soaked fruitcake last Saturday. I hate fruitcake so much that I have a button with the word "fruitcake" in a red circle, with a red diagonal slash through the word. A blight on the face of respectable society!But like I said, I love Gordon.


via. The majority of images above were selected from Volume Two, as I recall. The Wikipedia article on the publisher, Friederich Bertuch, has a few more plates from the series. Krovina, who was fishing alone, was able to render first aid for his injury and return to port. His injury required transportation out of Sitka for treatment. Song: "Marry Me, Archie" by Alvvays. Constant sweeping wasn’t the worst of it, though, because the ubiquity of sand meant she probably had rotten teeth, too. Not only did sand get into food, but the Egyptians also added a little as an abrasive to help the process of grinding grain for flour to make bread. The grit in the bread cut people’s gums, causing gum disease and eventually tooth decay and loss, so most people had bad or missing teeth. This is one of the many unexpected details in Barbara Watterson’s survey of Ancient Egyptian women’s lives from contemporary inscriptions and papyrus writings. People are known as much by the quality of their failuresas by the quality of their successes. This week is a series of reunions. I've got lunch and dinner plans all week with friends from my days in D. C. This morning, I'm heading downtown to visit the Basilica.

Here they are presented in close-up shots.

In fact I like these awesome figures printed to Yellow, Ley & Stick. It's a good job done. Cyclone bike in action.

Books that charm us in one season, books that shake us to the core in another, can turn blank and empty if we approach them in a dull spirit.

Reading them for the sake of duty or out of pedantry is certain to miss the point. The best books are best because of their quirky individuality, not because they are part of a club of `great’ books. ” “Great books” is a category without meaning, akin to “classic rock. ” It smacks of marketing and focus groups.

Our ancestors fairly often knew what they were doing.

Among the reasons we read Plutarch is that Shakespeare read him, which is one of the reasons we read Shakespeare. One must be skeptical of newly published books. They are unknown quantities from a backward and provincial age. First big storm of winter. I worked the Amherst Winter Farmers Market Saturday and The Farmer stayed home to get the barns ready for lambing season. The Farmer is still cleaning out last year's hay, bedding and manure pack and getting ready for this year's contribution. Most of it can be done with a tractor but it is still incredibly time consuming. We covered it with moss and twigs that we collected from the yard.

I even created a door from driftwood that I wood burned.

We decided to create the garden in a big pot so that we can also grow small plants so we filled a pot with dirt and then got to work creating our garden.

We created a path from rocks that we collected in the yard and fence from twigs.

This week in AFS. Alrighty Unity friends. I personally read them all and they really make me smile. The Winners are. With a wry remark about the doctrine of "justification by doubt"Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote space at the beginning of each week to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. " That is at present the fashionable way of trifling with divine truth, and making things pleasant all round. Thus the gospel is debased, and "another gospel" propagated. I should like to ask modern broad churchmen whether there is any doctrine of any sort for which it would be worth a man's while to burn or to lie in prison. I do not believe they could give me an answer, for if their latitudinarianism be correct, the martyrs were fools of the first magnitude. Sutter went on to the Hall of Fame. I have been enjoying stitching Yoko Saito's Mystery Quilt, creating small settlements and imagining who lives in those houses. Of course, Yoko's "architect's" plans make it so easy. A couple of weeks ago I came across another, and at the same time very similar form of "house building", but also so much more. I could not help myself, I just had to get the book! The book was published by Quiltmania and it is in the format of a "coffee table" book. You can buy it from their web shop, but I have found it on the French site Decitre for a better price. Although the Google translation told me that this was a paperback version, the book which arrived is actually the original hardback. It is written in both French and English. good grief!Why Do Liberals Think That Women Are Nothing More than Sex Objects?. what's going on. Saturday I rearranged my office again. However, my office is still a disaster area. Hubby has a cold and our little Frankie dog just spit up in his bed. On the upside, we're halfway through the first season of Downton Abbey that I was able to check out from the library.

Even hubby is enjoying the goings on at the Abbey.

When material overlaps in two or more of these nine biographies, we can examine that material very carefully for differences. How much stock can you put in an author who writes "biographies" about mythological characters alongside accounts of historical figures like Caesar and Cicero? Does Plutarch not know the difference? Or does he know the difference, but he pretends that Theseus and Romulus were real people? And isn't that a case of Plutarch pandering to readers to sell books? He knows there's a market niche for this stuff, so he has no scruples about churning out fictional "biographies" of Theseus and Romulus as if that's nonfiction. Yeah we love it.

I like mild flavors for breakfast yet it still has not made it to the breakfast options simply because it takes a bit of hard work.

I love coconut chutneys and coconut milk based curries but breaking the coconut and extracting the milk has always been Dad's job. As an exception I extracted the milk after he broke the coconut this one day. So as a favor I added some color to the stew by using tomato in it. Dad does not appreciate white curries so. I remember a friend trying to decode vegetable stew when we were in school. Stew is mixed vegetable and potato cooked in coconut milk with whole spices and the special touch of smoking coconut oil.

The after school program ends next week.

I am trying to make the kids last meals memorable. Recently, I stopped at a smoke house to stock up on bacon and sausages. They gave me a half ham and a container of their ham salad for free. I guess they smoked too many hams for Easter. I decided to make the kids a groaning board of meats and cheeses. Not a purse, a nurse. We're talking about male nurses again. The profession has always been dominated by women, and still is. But we're seeing a few more males entering the field. THe stigma of an all female profession is slowly lifting. Some of the change is due to cultural changes where women are no longer seen as the sole primary gender capable of offering care. How many male nurses are you working with? Have you noticed an increase? Any gender bias in school that may prevent male nurses from entering the field?. Life is back to normal. Back to work and back to ten hour days with a seven day work week thrown in to boot. Time off was refreshing and the extra cash will be cool.

We are back logged once again, but that beats the alternative.

I was shocked to see all the machines still running.

This weather is crazy.

My beautiful daughter in law and son were celebrating their anniversary and that prompted me to take them out for dinner. They suggested Snug Harbor since I had never been there. and they were spot on for a fine dinner. Snug Harbor on the Lower Level while Jelly's Lounge is at the street level Our server greeted us promptly and delivered our beverage orders. She never hovered but always appeared at the moment we needed service. We began browsing the appetizer selections which included many good choices. We started with the Snug Harbor Hummus Plate and the Chef's Choice Cheese Plate. Since the plate changes daily, our server had to return to the kitchen to see what the night's selection would be. My daughter in law is vegetarian and the choices were slim. The modern environmental movement was born and passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts soon followed. Our environmental laws have prevented harm at home and been replicated in countries around the world. Earth Day showed that people could use their power to heal the polluted landscape that Rauschenberg depicted. .