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Like most people, DZ reads the newspapers. He doesn't actually go into a newsagent and pay for a great wad of pulped tree though, finding it easier and cheaper to view the papers online, apart from those nasty graspers who have a paywall. He's also partial to those spoof newspapers, such as "News Thump" and the "Daily Mash". Sometimes, when reading these spoof papers it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling that you are reading a genuine newspaper, and sometimes, when reading a conventional paper you feel you may be reading a spoof. Especially today. read the following five headlines.

I found his definition of self-control particularly helpful, and I couldn't agree more that lack of self-control in one area can lessen self-control in more important areas.

We’ve had a miracle over nature, a miracle over the Devil, a miracle over disease, and a miracle over death.

Christ has shown His power over all four.

You can not know God or have a relationship with Jesus Christ from a textbook.

Lets see, replaceable rings that are reasonably priced, solid construction, cheaply priced, standardized BCD and interface. Okay, that part is smart, but the rest is just waaaay out there and unnecessary. If support breaks and its not a flat it could be the ALT that I show. While many Americans may perceive the Supreme Court as objective,Erwin Chemerinsky Erwin Chemerinsky argues that this is nonsense and always has been. Chemerinsky says that the Court is made up of fallible individuals who often base decisions on their own biases. Today, he believes the Roberts Court is promoting a conservative agenda under the guise of following a neutral methodology, but notorious decisions, such as Citizens United and Shelby County, are hardly recent exceptions. He is the Raymond Pryke professor of law and has a joint appointment in the Political Science Department. It makes me feel playful when I'm out in the rain, and cozy when I'm inside away from the rain. I love it! I wish I could say that the pets love the rain as much as I do. It was in the middle of the night, and our poor little dogs got so upset, especially sweet Stevie Wonder.

At the very first boom, Stevie started to tremble and tremble.

By the second boom, she jumped off the bed and scooted right on under it for maximum safety.

Implementation on the other hand means carrying out a plan. International Harvester is a brand that's nostalgic for many people. Most of us who grew up in farm country instantly recognize that distinctive IH red. Thanks to everyone who played along in last week's Mojo Madness contest! We're making our final selections and will be announcing our mojolicious picks from last week's contest on Wednesday, so be sure to check back then to see the winning cards! But in the meantime, it's Monday again and that means it's time for a new sketch! This week we're back to playing just for fun with a sketch from Debbie Carriere to kickstart your mojo! As always, feel free to substitute if you don't have a specific shape! To play along, just make a project using the provided sketch and upload it to your blog or online gallery. Then leave a link to your project using the linky widget at the bottom of this post. That way there's no confusion which linky is the current one. Please type your name or screen name in the Caption or Title field, then choose the link and photo you'd like to enter. Please link directly to your specific blog post with your card in it, and not your general blog url. Sometimes it takes a moment for your picture to show up after you've used the widget.

The funeral was Saturday and it went smoothly.

The firebrands of the family seem to have mellowed with age. DAYS before it happens. " This has saved me at such gatherings before. Everyone was well-behaved and nice. The elegy went well, I think. A more covered look for this chilly Fall morning. I’m loving jean anything – dresses, shirts, jackets, etc… this season and of course, you can never go wrong with boots, boots and more boots for Fall. Found these guys up on the Brooklyn Bridge recently. It looked kind of like they were filming part of a music video—but one that involved no handlers, no entourage, no groupies. To see more of the world, go here. We have been gone the past couple of weeks on a trip to two countries in the Middle East - a mix of giving work-related lectures and attending meetings with some time for holiday thrown in the mix. She also ate like a champ, which made me a happy mama. I was anxious about the long plane rides with my very active girl, especially so because I knew that Will and I had to get off of the plane and be ready to work the next day. Magpie, though, exceeded my expectations and did really well.

It is an overview of Quilting history using a trunkshow of parts of my own collection.

Lemoyne Star. North Carolina Can honestly say I haven't done this the same way twice. First, I don't bring the same quilts. I am certainly one to collect any type of Scrapbooking Magazine, for some reason I love them! Over time I have been a frequent buyer of Creating Keepsakes, Simple Scrapbooks, Scrapbook Etc, and Scrapbook Trends - add a few other single issues here and there. BUT. over the past few months I haven't been purchasing as much of the US publications cause I felt a little.


He knows your trudging around through this great wilderness. Observation: God is speaking to Moses and helps him remember how good God had been to them. He reminds Moses that He had been with them and that they lacked nothing throughout the forty years in the wilderness. When the children of Israel should have definitely been dead in the wilderness, they lacked nothing. They were under God's judgement, yet never lacked anything. He still provided every meal for them. The Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. Americans today will barely get off the couch. Stay safe. Due new entry, Manuela ed Helene mi hanno mandato foto dei loro lavori realizzati con il mio free. Two more free finishing, Helene at the top left and Manuela at the bottom left with the smart pussycat. Thank you girls, wonderfull finishing indeed. Hello Ai friends and happy Monday! Hope you have a great weekend and I'm sharing two super fun cards using the new Ai People. Not sure about you. I'm not a fan of the vacuum cleaner, it's my least favorite chores. And the awesome diva from the In the Bag set is totally my hero. Fantonaball paper toy created by merrci for the Urban Paper Collective. Pinch and a punch first of the month!Also time to get out those Advent calendarsfor the kiddos. Here is one I have constructedout of the SU! Matchbox Die. I put all together with thetombow adhesive. Very easy to follow,I made mine quite simple and wrote the numbers insteadof stamping them. The matchboxes hold pretty nicesize pieces of candy so you should be able to fill her up!Have fun creating! xoxo. Another dawn, another morning’s ringing with Will at the farm site at Out Rawcliffe. It was also another misty, murky and slow start but as so often happens with birding, ringing or taking photographs, a couple of unforeseen or unanticipated birds turn a regular event into something a little more interesting, exciting and involving than the norm. But just like two days ago, as the sun rose and burnt off the haze, so birds arrived in more numbers with better variety. I'm doing a little Happy Dance! It's time to announce the newest Stamp Set!Are you ready?!? Get set. The largest stamp is approx. Good Morning.

Overcast skies today with showers throughout the afternoon.

Channel/Groin: Waist to shoulder high sets. Several people out in the water right now, shortboardable. Also sets breaking right in front of the boat ramp. Patch: Waist high to thigh high sets. Longboardable. I have a confession to make. But without a pinch roller and a gaping hole in the bottom of the cartridge, dirt, dust, cigarette ashes, careless fingers and other ick gets in there, adding grinding friction. The Importance of Training Last summer, while my family was out of town, I decided to fill my evenings by taking advantage of the training courses offered by Bill’s Gun Shop and Range in Robbinsdale, MN where I shoot. However, add shooting with the weak hand or shooting while moving and those groups open up real fast. I quickly learned that very little of what I am able to practice in the average “open to the public” range is going to help me if my life is in danger and I must put my handgun to use. As bad as all of this may sound it is still possible to shoot well under these circumstances…but you must practice under those circumstances in order to do so. The bird is frequenting their feeder in the Trout Creek area of Summerland. You can see the feeder from the road. Please respect private property and note that this is very close to an elementary school so please use caution while driving. - Old Hat winner Gemswick Park is the first graded stakes winner for Speightstown. Great three horse finish, you can check it out via Bloodhorse.

Nice weekend for the stallion with Haynesfield winning the Count Fleet on Saturday.

Right on cue, he moved up to assume the lead after turning for home, and I thought we had a winner. Mark Mederski, from the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa Iowa, sent in this report from his recent trip to the Isle of Man to watch the Manx GP. Here is Mark's take on a bit of Island touring: Blowing through Ginger Hall. To the left, stone wall and phone pole. To the right, stone wall. Of course some of the thousands of obstacles to run-off are padded! A rare chance. Something you save up for. Something to savor when your there and doing it, and for years to follow, really. The Isle of Man. The "TT" or the "Manx Grand Prix.

For following is a guest post authored by Dr.

I believe that this a time when education can change in fundamental ways. The increase in federal regulations supported with financial incentives we have seen over the past several years will be lessened. Now we will be able to act on our priorities, not simply driven by federal priorities that may not have been a good fit for our districts and schools. I'm not going to lie, New Milford High School is an amazing place to work. We have fantastic students, supportive parents, a Technology Director that gets it, and a Central Office and Board of Education that provide us with the autonomy to take risks. With these elements in place the stage is set for innovation and the creation of a school culture that works for students in the digital age. Change does not happen when all of the gears are not working in concert.

What more could a Principal and learner ask for in a place to work? Makerspace at NMHS You know what else I love? The fact that there is so much going on these days at NMHS that it is near impossible for me to know all of the great things taking place.

Not only are they working extremely hard to adjust to the many new mandates enacted in NJ, but in the face of this adversity they have not departed from what makes NMHS a special place to teach and learn. Instead of shying away from taking risks to improve professional practice, my teachers have readily embraced the autonomy they have been provided. Not only are they innovative and consistently redefining teaching and learning at NMHS, but they readily share their great work on a routine basis.

Below is a snapshot of some of their latest work with students:Mr.