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His daughter Lisa Marie still owns it after all, and it seemed a bit intrusive to me to wander through.

The Daughter is enthusiastic about doing all the tourist attractions here, though, and I'm glad I went with her when she went while it was decorated for the Christmas holidays.

No flash photography is allowed, and The Daughter agreed to let me use her photos.

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Off the Grid: there are growing number of people who have decided to live light on the earth to not be a part of problem anymore I spent the last few years with four of them striving for harmony with nature in the most pristine corners of United States.

Photosgraphy by Eric Valli.

Be photoshopped wouldn't it? Pretty cool though.

More here at Jam's site. The book is out this week.

Title? Fantaisies Souterraines - Underground Fantasies.

So my question is - if it has indeed been photoshopped - how did he do it? After hours? This shot particularly. While most Texans are enjoying additional money in their monthly budgets because of low oil prices, thousands of our friends and neighbors are being laid-off and losing everything they own for the same reason. The price extremes of the oil and gas business have been at play in the world economy for as long as I can remember. On Saturday tens upon tens of thousands of Venezuelans went into the street across Venezuela. At an open air rally surrounded by tens of thousands, his wife, Lilian Tintori read a letter Leopoldo had written for that day in which he called on Maduro to resign in order to save the country or be forced out by the Venezuelan people. Video of the event is embedded below along with pictures of the mass protest. She died a day later. Walking accidents will injure millions of people each year, and thousands will die. Slip, trip and loss of balance accidents are the second highest cause of accidental death among the elderly. The accidents occur at the time when the body is supported by only one leg due to dynamic effects and the required reaction at the contact point with ground. During this program, the presenters will cover:The mechanics of walking, gait and balance The difference between slip, trip and loss of balance Understanding coefficient of friction Effects of changes in friction, grade and contamination Measuring friction National standards of care Walking area maintenance Environmental issues Falling in different environments, public facility issues Conducting an investigation Useful evidence to build or defend such cases. Registration is required to join this event. If you have not registered, please do so now. courtesy of mingpao. When the actors walked across the school students cheered. "Lam Ka Yun you are very pretty" could be heard everywhere. Director and husband Yuen Kim Fai could not help but reply jokingly, "Don't flirt with my wife again!" Ka Yun could not have felt sweeter. He said that both are good actors. Ka Yun was luckier. My goal with this paper is to expose you to the ways historians make sense out of the past through their sources, and to give you the opportunity to present your own argument about key moments in America’s past. I have three potential paper prompts for you to choose from. Whichever prompt you choose includes two books from which you’ll draw your evidence. Please read the prompt requirements carefully, as well as the grading rubric, because they are my guide as well as yours for your paper grade. We will take time in class to help prepare you for the papers with a term paper workshop. The intro draft is a simple pass/no pass metric, but is required to turn in.

So this is not about the Rembrandts and Vermeers.

Do black people collect art? The answer is: Yes they do. And the number of black people who are collecting art is growing. My first Art Collection focuses on young native and new Dutch people. This season the programs in Amsterdam and Rotterdam have ended successfully. A year later, Arnhem and Groningen will follow. As two Frontier High School seniors walk across the stage on graduation day, they’ll go back to their seats knowing they only have two more years to go until they earn their bachelor’s degree. That’s because Yesenia Day and Jaeidah Reed have earned enough credits to obtain a diploma and an associate degree in June. Day and Reed will readily admit the journey was hectic and difficult at times. “It’s not a hand out, and you have to really plan it out to make it happen,” said Day, who is also valedictorian of her Frontier High class.

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With the tree down, I got the itch to rearrange our family room.

So we did and I love it. I need to purchase a few new candles and it will be finished. . Since we evidently were not busy enough with the wedding this past weekend, it was also the grand finale of Steven's year with the Junior Boychoir division of the Oregon Children's Choir. They had an all-day "tour" on Thursday which included singing at two or three different schools plus several hours at a fun-park. Steven's group sang a Swahili song in which Steven and one other boy "soloed" on one verse. It was beautiful. It's much closer to home, and I think Rosie does as well as Steven's director this year, plus with a smaller group she can do more individually. Ricamatrici perfette e perfette padrone di casa!!! grazie a tutte care amiche francesi!!. Gary Toelke supports the current CCW laws, but not the new one. Current CCW laws allow sheriffs to use their own discretion on issuing permits, the Constitutional Carry bill eliminates that. Branch Warren working his pecs. Photos by Per Bernal. And lest you be intimidated, here's Branch off season:. scam-job-emails. tk to learn how to tell when a job offer is a scam. Please find attached herewith, relevant document containing the Prototype of your Contract Package for your perusal and approval upon thorough review and acceptance of this Contract Package, sign on the last page and Send us a Scanned Copy of the Acceptance page and a copy to the Cozmo Travel Agency for the procurement of your necessary traveling papers. Now, you have to contact the Cozmo Travel Agency for the procurement / acquisition of your work/residence permit papers which will empower you to live and work legally here in U. .