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My first reaction is that egg donors aren't donors in this country and should be able to name their price. But my second thought is that of a clinical researcher. So from that vantage point, it seems there should be limits. Fat Quarter Shop has the new sample quilt for the Scrap-Basket Surprises Quilt Club. Each quarter you'll receive a kit with two Jelly Rolls along with fabrics for the borders and binding, all in one neat package. How convenient is that? September's kit features Summer's End fabrics from Kansas Troubles Quilters. I think Kimberly did a great job choosing fabrics for each of the quilts. How about you? Hope you have a terrific week! Kim . Observation: When Christ resurrected from the dead, death was defeated once and for all. At His resurrection, many other saints also resurrected and entered the Holy City. This must have been an incredible sight to everyone. Today we would call this a zombie apocalypse. Dead people were alive and walking the streets. His resurrection was absolutely powerful and guarantees our resurrection and eternal life.

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Decorate the rest as shown.

Very easy! and so cute! xoxo. I have posted several times back in the summer and fall about working on my Farm Girl Vintage Sew-A-Long blocks. I did not have the small prints needed for these blocks, so over time, I bought lots of these prints. lots of which I still have quite a bit of. And I don't think I am alone. But it seems that every year, just after the set has been out for a little while, people start anticipating next year's set. Kindall, a career. This is going to be a long one. You may need to grab a coffee.

Or take a break midway through.

I don't even know where to start. We had the biggest scare ever with Blake on Saturday. Biggest in that, we didn't know if he was going to make it. He got really sick, really fast. It was terrible. Here's a timeline of how this came to be: Thursday: Happy Blake. Playing and active. Jumping on the bed. I picked up a vintage Bates leather M/C jacket last weekend thats up for sale. For details check Jackie's blog posting HERE and she has a link to the Ebay auction. All reasonable offers will be considered. Just the other day someone looked at me with sideways eyes and asked why I make so many quilts. It was asked in tone that indicated they thought I was crazy. Actually, expressing my creativity and making beautiful things kinda keeps me from going crazy. My summer was full of making. I'm usually a start to finish kind of quilter. Meaning I start and finish an entire quilt before making another. But this summer I kept starting new ones. Strike when the fire is hot, I say! Creativity ebbs and flows and I just went where my heart lead me this summer. Currently I have four quilt in progress. Here's what CC is loving right now, darlings! This Spratter's & Jayne Lapis Blue Button Cowl. This Sarah Leora dress. These pearl earrings from thepearlsource. Absolutely stunning, darlings! Chic and classic!This Line and Dot blouse. Way, way back before he became a punch-line-ism, Chuck Norris was a world-wide karate phenom. Now, go out and practice your roundhouse kicks on a snowman!. A week ahead of the election, The Washington Post featured a little-known militia group called the Oath Keepers in its coverage of the dangers of a Trump loss. Aside from that, good observation about the "riots/protests" characterizations. .