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The picture below is the solar wind over the last seven days. Good morning and today is SugarPea Designs Sugar Sketch Challenge time! I say it all the time, but I just love sketches!! If I am not feeling the mojo I ALWAYS go to my sketches. I have oodles of them pinned on my Sketch Pinterest board for those occasions. So I am all about playing along with Sketch challenges! I played along today using one of my favorite sets from the last release - Undying Love. Seriously, are they not the cutest set of zombies ever!!! I really wanted to give my zombie a pale face, so you don't see much color or shading there. That was done purposely. Then I used part of the image using a stitched circle die. The patterned paper is from Bazzill. Everything was finished off with enamel dots. To you, I say Thank You!. Your added information will be enough for now, but read on! Those that did not include an e-mail on their card are listed below. ted. Just an FYI. I was watching Two Lane Blacktop and there is a scene at the now long gone Lakeland Dragstrip. The shot was in the pits and there is an A scheme car driving by in that shot. Abscure I know but I know how fanatical car guys are………Geoff Bradley. We’ve all had the first-day-of-school jitters before. But just imagine how nerve racking it would be to have those first-day-of-school jitters. in a new country. The class allows students from all over Mansfield ISD to get an education while adapting to the English language. Teacher Samantha Ash teaching about U. S. Well, the opening was lovely with a nice crowd. The Ink Spot is the best place to have an exhibition as everyone got lost in the Aladdin's cave that it is and emerged smiling some time later. The pieces look great scattered about. and there are even postcards available.

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The lasagna is layered perfectly…and the cheese looks yummy. I was at a dinner party once…I had to push those cottage cheese curds around and around my plate…finally there was no place to put them anymore. A long time ago I made lasagna from a Chef Boyardee’s Lasagna Dinner in a box…add some meat and cheese and you are good to go…served four just perfect. Then they went and discontinued it. We bought up what we could. Eventually we were on our own. I tried different sauces…none were right. Fun Facts After the elephant, the White Rhino is considered the second largest land mammal. The White Rhinos closest living relatives are the zebra, horse and tapir. The collective name for a group of Rhino’s is a ‘CRASH’ of Rhinos. Humans are considered to be the only real predator to rhinos but in parts of Africa large prides of lions have be known to kill Rhino, especially if they are injured or weak. In parts of Asia the powdered horn is used as an avrodisiac for men but has not been medically proven. anyblogname. There is hardly any sector of the economy that is not directly or indirectly by the activities of customs. We are pleased with the results of the Mystery Writers Conference this past weekend. Kimberley and Liz enjoyed their time on panels along with author greats such as Isabel Allende and D. P. P. Lyle and Isabel Allende at the Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference. Kelli Stanley and Kimberley on break at Book Passage. Liz and Mary at the faculty party. Liz and Kimberley at the faculty party. The KC&A crew. is that the Rangers need him sooner not later. If the Rangers were a team in the kind of position like the Detroit Red Wings where they are annually a cup contender then the Rangers could afford to sit back and wait to see Kreider develop. But they are not the Red Wings. If the Rangers were a team like the Chicago Blackhawks or St. But the Rangers do not have the young talented core that the Blackhawks or Penquins have. "THE FUTURE'S SO BRIGHT. ," from Koma Design, the portfolio of Andy J. Miller. I dearly love archeology.

Especially when it shows that as a group, we haven't changed much at all.

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So, we heard him say to them,"Receive the Holy Spirit.

Especially on Divine Mercy Sunday,because this is the Sacrament of his Mercy. The challenge, of course, is staying a saint—and that’s where confession is so helpful.

You know those old pre-Renaissance Christian paintings, with the flat faces cranked into an unnatural position, the way they posed you for your school photograph? And halos like dinner plates? Never cared much for them, but I care even less for Hindu art, which always strikes me as looking like it should have been painted on velvet and sold hanging from a cyclone fence at an intersection.

I don't get too worked up about the sacredness of any of it.

That doesn't mean other people don't get all het up about the accuracy of these things.

The folks in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho recently installed some public art works including a sculpture of Ganesh, the Hindu god, and the Kootenai County Constitution Party threw a fit about it. It was a false deity, a demon god, and had no place in a land reserved for Christians, which I am told Idaho surely the hell is. "it's going to be a bumpy night. " Margo Channing. Counting:It is one of the very first things we are taught alongside our ABC's. Counting is important. How many children did we leave the house with?We should return with the same. Turn away HERE if you are not in the mood, and please remember I am an advocate for the positives we can achieve. I have participated in several conversations and read posts recently concerning topics on perception of value of self and specifically blogs. He had great dreams, then went through some really terrible circumstances. Eventually, his dreams came to pass. Application:God gives us dreams and visions about our future. I cannot wait to be able to actually enjoy the patio! Soon enough. I'm also crazy and have been stuck on the idea of this wallpaper in our dining room: Crazy because there are a thousand other things I should be doing in this house besides wallpaper. Lately they have had some really great things that I have picked up/snapped a picture of for clients. Here are some of them. This painted screen is so beautiful. I picked it up for a brand new client. We don't even have a design plan yet but I sent to her and luckily she was down with me using it to create her entire plan around!I also picked up these chairs for another client's sunroom. fetesfatales. nl. This week on UnityTV. She makes it look effortless and so incredibly blended and beautiful. We are exbanding our house too so we are building in the evenings when we get the work. But here's one which I made beforeThis card is made with new finnish text stamp set. I'll add later some kind of tutorial about my coloring in my Girlfriends cards. Happy Stamping!. it just looks so great together. and i can't thank you enough for all of your thoughts and prayers. et dans le vent. This pie was made without a pie pan. I just smushed the crust up inside the oven and laid strips across the top rather than form a top crust. The cooking was easy. Camp Oven cooking is quite easy and I plan to post more about it as the weather improves. Worse, under the influence of the New Left, the personal became political. Nothing feels as good as a new wetsuit. Seems like now is the time everyone upgrades and gets their new suit for Fall and Winter surf season. If your current suit is old and leaky - get it dried out and patched and find something new to keep you warm and surfing during the colder months. Our racks are stocked with all the best suits for Men, Women and Kids from Matuse, XCEL, Rip Curl and O'Neill. THANKS. As backup for the procedure, he telephoned hospitals in Chongqing and Guangzhou for two extra, matching livers. The livers were delivered within twenty-four hours, but never used, according to four reports in officially-connected Chinese media outlets. Dr. S. House of Representatives, as well as a number of researchers. For all of you tired witches out there, I offer you this Christmas basket giveaway. Though I cook everything from scratch, I keep some very high quality mixes on hand for emergencies. I have often been asked to whip up a cake or scones or bread at a moments notice and in case I don't have the ingredients on hand, I will resort to a mix. This almost never happens but as a child of depression parents, I live in fear that I will run short on food. When I returned from Salem I had an idea to have some custom made witch hats and pot holders to give to some of my friends. I picked out some fun fabrics as you can see above. A hat and two pot holders are included in this giveaway. So after the holidays when everyone needs to relax, you could open this basket of mixes from King Arthur Flour and make some scones or bread or any of these tasty mixes. I've also included a spatula from Le Creuset and some chocolates from Harbor Sweets. Hello there Paper Peeps.

It also has pics of a chubby bald happy baby.

For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read .